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We were in Cozumel, in Jan of this year, I am returning in search of a better experience. Any sugeestions aside from the dolphins and snorkeling? I've also heard about the scooters, which sound like a good idea. Last time we saw the ruins and went shopping down the main drag. Do it yourself ideas are welcomed, as we like flying by the seat of our pants. Thanks


We stay on the ship until after lunch then head for Carlos-n-Charlies. Make sure one of your group stays sober to make it back to the ship. LOL


My wife and I are frequent cruisers. We have been to Cozumel a dozen times or so. But the last 4 trips have been the best because a few years ago we learned to scuba dive.

Whatever your age, consider a basic scuba class. It's easy and fun. You don't have to be a good swimmer, just OK. Diving is not much more expensive than most other excursions (and cheaper than some); at Cozumel we book ourselves for $60 each...that includes everything. (We don't own our own equipment...the licensed dive shops all have good stuff)

Cozumel's diving is spectacular beyond description. Down at 60 or 70 feet you can get eye to eye with fish and reef life of all types. You can see 100 feet and the water is 80 degrees in January! And by the way...the diving is awful good in Jamaica, St Maartin, Costa Maya, Belize, etc, etc.

We were cruise addicts years ago; but scuba has made our cruising twice as enjoyable!


Diving is Cozumel

Cozumel is one of the best dive destinations in the Caribbean. If you aren't certified, you can do a discover scuba activitiy with one of several dive operators as well as most cruise lines (thought it will cost more with the ships excursion) One often recommended dive op is <a href=> </a> The costs is $69 for 1 t dive, $113 for 2 dives. Scuba is so much more liberating that snorkeling. You have complete freedom of movement. You are weightless in another world.

As for scooters, they are a very BAD idea. There is no better way to risk ending your vacation in the hospital than to ride on a scooter in Cozumel.

Here is a quote from a resident of Coz regarding renting scooters:

Please, please do NOT rent a moped:

EVERY day people are "scraped up" of the roads of Cozumel as a result of a moped accident. Some only suffer some road rash, which is bad enough to ruin a vacation. Others go home in a box.

Here are the top ten reasons to spend a little extra, surround yourself with metal, and rent a car:

10. Taxi drivers trying to get as many people to as many destinations per hour as possible.
9. Mopeds do not have the power to accelerate out of a potentially dangerous situation.
8. Roads have occasional patches of gravel for no reason.
7. There are other tourists on scooters who don't know how to drive them.
6. Scooters have a short wheel base which makes them difficult to maneuver.
5. There are other tourists in rental cars who have just been to Carlos 'n' Charlie's.
4. Beautiful vistas take your breath away, as well as your attention off the road.
3. Most roads are one way, except when they're not.
2. Moped brakes are not always reliable.
1. Most north-south roads have the right-of-way, ...with some exceptions.

Get the picture?

Every friend I have on the island who owns a moped has had a very serious accident. Don't let this be you! Please rent a car.

Sally it the owner of the Mini-golf on Coz and this quote was taken from the message board

Of course, as adults, please feel free to do as you see best.


We took a look at for our ideas and also prices. My son and his friend are doing the dune buggy trip (7hrs) while I will swim with dolphins and try out Carlos and Charlies that evening.

M. Mouse

My husband and I returned from our cruise vacation just under two weeks ago. While docked in Cozumel we signed up for an excursion in Playa del Carmen. The excursion included the boat ride over, a short bus ride, and admission to Xcaret Park. This park had everything and we loved it! Not including travel time we had about 5 hours in the park and it wasn't enough. Animals, flowers, ruins, swimming, snorkeling, etc. It was amazing. Just a few words of caution however. The boat ride from Cozumel can be a rough one. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who tends to get seasick. I've include the website below if you are interested in learning more.


I recommend a taxi drive to san francisco beach. i rent a chair, umbrella and pad, and the pad can also be used for wave floating. then after dinner on the ship, it's back out to carlos and charlies! you just have to act like a tourist once in a while. . . .

Is anyone going to be on Paradise Jan 25??


Chananaab Park is beautiful.
Carlos & Charlies is....(what happens at C & C's...stays at C & C's!)
Don't forget Senor Frogs!
Eat some real good Mexican food!


We will be in Cozumel in Feb. We are planning to buy a half day pass at the El Cozumeleno all inclusive resort for $53.00 each. This includes food and drinks. It looks really nice on the net? We have been to Cozumel twice before, but never did a day pass here before.

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stopped in Cozumel 3 times. first time did beach party boat. This was fun.
Next two times stayed on ship until lunch then headed for Carlos n Charlies.
We hardly remember gettting back to the ship. What a great time. Food is good and soooooooooo are the drinks.
We were on a cruise 1999 when a honeymoon couple actually missed the ship, they flew them to the next port.
Its a great place to at least experience once!



Be careful with the scooters; good way to end a good cruise experience. The Mayan ruins aren't that great. Carlo's n Charlies is a hoot, just make sure to be back to the ship!

Don M

You can probably rent a jeep for about what it would cost for 2 scooters. We did it a couple of years ago and it was a blast. Be sure to get insurance; American insurance doesn't cover you there.


One of the best things to do in Cozumel is to rent a car for the day and drive around the island to the other side. The scenery is spectacular over there....really rough seas and waves crashing against the beach - beautiful rock formations. Along the way (on the calm side) you can stop at any number of beautiful beaches. Our favorite was Mr. Sancho's Beach. There is one calm beach on the other side...I think it is called Chen Rio, where you can stop and swim.

Oh, and my opinion is....the best place to eat on the Island is Pancho's Backyard along the main drag on the calm side. It's in a shopping area where Los Cincos Soles is located. BEST FOOD!!!!


Don B

Viva la Pancho's Backyard!!! Best food is right!

We enjoyed the Catamaran sail, snorkel and beach party. The snorkeling was not first-rate (although the photographer will take some awesome souvenir photos of you $) but we enjoyed the drinks, ride, beach activities (floaties, volleyball, hammocks), and the food ($) was pretty good.

Cruise Newbie

It surprises me that no one mentioned the Tulum Ruins. My husband and I went to Cozumel in 2000 and went to the ruins and really enjoyed ourselves. The ruins are right off the water and the view is breathtaking. We will be docking in Cozumel again in May =docdance and this time around I think I've talked our group into Xcaret. It came highly recommended by a good friend and from the descriptions on their website, it looks like an excellent excursion for the price. Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll enjoy. Have a great trip.