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If Carnival could change 1 thing ...

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jester95008, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    I will go first ... If Carnival could change one thing , I'd say that they should maybe add a second dance club that is more for slow dancers . Remove the internet stuff which is a waste of money and also make a free alcohol day
  2. I rely heavily on the internet stuff to keep in touch with family I've left behind, and to record a daily travelogue, so I disagree that it's a waste.
  3. melody

    melody Guest

    I like the free alcohol day. I take a cruise so I cant get in touch with people I left behind!!
  4. NJtomato

    NJtomato Guest

    Get rid of the mandatory Tipping. Service is sooooooooooooo much worse!

    Offer freestyle dining on one dining room. The set dining time has become to rigid for me.
  5. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    Free drinks while gambling! And just put the tips in the price of the cruise.
  6. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Free frozen thingys would be nice.Atleast one!
  7. mitch

    mitch Guest

    movie theater
  8. tjevans

    tjevans Guest

    While a free alcohol day would be nice, in today's litigious would, there would probably be too much liability involved.

    For me, what I would want changed is to have more events like the stage shows and comedians during the day. I'm not a night owl and staying up (as early as) 9 or 10 is pushing it for me.
  9. bombero

    bombero Guest

    A free alcohol day would be a hugh liability, but a happy hour 5-7 pm every day before dinner, with say half price drinks would be a really nice addition on their part.. :cheers
  10. Irish Girl

    Irish Girl Guest

    I would like to be able to purchase pier upgrades like RCCL does. I got spoiled upgrading to an owner's suite for $400.
  11. tutak

    tutak Guest

    Free alcohol? Nothing is free on a cruise ship. You mean at no additional cost. As far as liability goes, the high priced lines like Silver Sea don't seem to have a problem with that.

    But I would be satisfied if you could buy liquor and bring it to your room like on Royal Caribbean and Princess.
  12. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    I wish they'd get a new decorator.
  13. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    I would like it if Carnival gave better and more frequent discounts to past guests. As it is, the discount is usually on a few selected cruises. It would be nice if we could get a really good discount on any ship we choose, at any time we choose;)
  14. snowball

    snowball Guest

    My one request wouldn't even really affect my cruise experience - I would recommend that they do a better job training their customer service reps so that they are aware of Carnival's policies and are more accurate in the answers they provide when answering the phone. It annoys me to no end how if you call Carnival 10 times and ask the same question each time you will end up with 10 different answers. UGH!!
  15. pootieb1

    pootieb1 Guest

    I think instead of a free drink day they should have a happy hour before the formal nights. I think that would add a nice touch to those evenings. Or even give out free drink coupons so that you can get at least one or two drinks free compliments of Carnival.
  16. DanielR2004

    DanielR2004 Guest

    BIGGER ROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. rugratstoney

    rugratstoney Guest

    A Happy hour would be nice,, but I agree with a few shows during the day on at sea days. It would be great to have some comedy, or singing on an afternoon sailing, where you could go, kick back and enjoy some laughs when you want to get out of the sun.
  18. madison

    madison Guest

    change the dining times... make it more flexible.. its hard to get back from a shore excursion and try to get ready for dinner at 5... and 8 is getting late... and more entertainment... and... on the miracle they have the comedy show in the smaller lounge.... not enough room for the amount of ppl that show up!! when up above there is the huge main lounge empty!!
  19. wishin

    wishin Guest

    A concierge lounge for suite passengers and more benefits for past guests.
  20. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest

    OKay -- I am going with the question --- since I can say whatever I want....I will go with my fantasy --- half the prices....


    Not that the prices now are outrageous or anything, but I'd love them a little lower so we could still cruise every year and afford a balcony room! Instead we plan to cruise every three years with balcony room or suite :) :)

    Realistically, I agree with the first post, another dance floor for romance and couples! :)


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