If Carnival could change 1 thing ...



Since they are doing away with the Paradise (the non-smoking ship) it would be nice if they had one of their smaller ships in each port that had smoking outside (and in the casino) only. And staff and crew should not smoke in public areas. The Holiday was the worse, because the crew and staff always sat at the Bus Stop and they all smoked. You could not walked down the Promenade without walking through this haze.


i wish they would revise their room service menu....when we sailed princess last year, we could get any dinner item that was served in the dining rooms through room service.... nice touch to be able to enjoy dinner on the balcony if we didn't feel like dressing for dinner....



Tipping. I despise all the bull crap about tipping. I know they all do a great job but I think that we pay enough in the price of the cruise that Carnival ought to pay them more and not press the tip issue so hard. And I would love to walk off the ship or to the dining room just once without someone trying to take my picture. I also agree with more (and better) shows during the day.


I think customer service could stand some improvement.When I call carnival with a question I get different answers . If everyone was on the same page that would be great.Heck the website is not even up to date with info.Itineraries ect..


Carnival should give discounts to teachers so that we could cruise more in the summer. The time when we can cruise is always more expensive:Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer. I live in Miami 30 minutes away from the port and I would definitely cruise more in the summer if prices were lower. I'm taking 2 cruises this summer.

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Urban Chic

Offer an occassional "Singles cruise" (preferably in the winter months) . There are a lot of singles out there who won't cruise simply because of the "single-supplement" charge, and the fact that the majority of passengers are couples, and families.


Customer Service.... Definately.

When one spends $?,000 on a cruise, they at least expect the cruise line to treat them
with a little courtesy.

But when customer relations representatives either cannot or will not answer questions (even when the customer might have booked a cruise with them through a TA), or treat the customer in a demeaning manner, the company needs to seriously look at its customer relations policies.

I've always booked my cruises through a travel agent, and have always called the cruise lines with questions about procedures and preparations, room assignments, excursions, etc. Before, cruise line reps with other companies have always been helpful and actually acted like my business is important to them.

Disney is the best at this... they always treat the customer as royalty.

I just booked my first cruise with Carnival and I'm shocked at the apathy and sometimes rude responses I get from its customer service reps. I have even emailed customer service because the reps refuse to talk to me (all because I booked through a travel agent). Carnival hasn't even responded to my emails.

This cruise may go well and be a great cruise, but I will not book again with the company. I spend my money with companies who value their customers. When Carnival wakes up to that factor, it will improve.


I think the happy hour thing sounds great, I would also like them to change the discount for past passengers, everytime i get an email from them for a "deal" there deal is for a cab cat 1A and is usually the same price i pay for a balcony guarentee through my TA. Other than that... and this is never gonna happen... a free airfare promotion with the booking of a higher catagory would be great. I live in NJ and have friends that live In california, it would be nice to cruise with them without airfare costing more than the cruise :)


Stop having bingo right before the shows. I hated showing up 45 minutes before the show and sitting through them hawking bingo cards for 1/2 hour, just to get a decent seat for the show.


I wouldn't change a thing. I like never knowing exactly what to expect. Carnivals prices are lower than the other lines so they have less to give than other lines. I enjoy watching people whether they are obnoxius or reserved. I like to experience the islands for myself and see past all the hype and travel brochures. I love talking with the crew and finding out what they like about their jobs and what they don't like. Where they are from.

Too many people are looking for what I call "A Stephford Wife Cruise" where everything is perfect and everyone smiles all the time and provides everything you desire with a yes sir and a smile. I never go on a cruise expecting that it will be my greatest vacation yet, but somehow it always rises to that level.

Looking back, you only remember the good times anyway so all the luggage, flight, weather, embarking, disembarking problems vanish eventually.

Oh, wait! I do have a suggestion. How about Carnival get into the temporary employment business and provide a replacement for me so I can take longer vacations ! Now that is what I want!


- Free bottle of champagne to toast sailaway if you have booked Cat 11 or 12.

- One free Welcome Aboard drink -- and let it be the Drink of the Day in the big souvenier drinking vessel.

Ok, I know that's actually TWO things. SOOOOOOOOO????????


Maybe I am just incredibly laid back but I had an incredible time on my cruise. We didn't go into it with any preconceived notions and it was incredible. My family got to spend seven wonderful days together which is a pretty big task to ask for the nine of us, including us "grown" children. We were treated so well, fed even better and just made the trip the best we possible could. I guess there could always be something that "COULD" be improved but overall I can't think of any one big thing that I would want changed. I can't think of a thing that would have made our May cruise on the Conquest any better. I think "Perfect" is exactly what you make it.


What would I change about Carnival?

1) A Diet Coke TAP in my room, with all the Diet Coke I can drink. Free of charge. (And can add my own smuggled rum to!)
2) An on-call masseuse, to get rid of the knots in my sore muscles after all the shore excursions and rub my feet.
3) Soft bath towels that smell Downy fresh.
4) Steak and lobster on the room service menu. Having my steak already cut in bite-size pieces, and my lobster de-shelled would be even better.
5) A DSS dish with satellite auto-track so I can pick from 1,000 channels to watch on a 42" plasma HDTV on one of the sea days.
6) Pet monkeys who fetch beer and do tricks.
7) Watch the annoying photography staff being marooned on an island.
8) Watch annoying passengers (children included) walk the plank.
9) Free drinks when I gamble, free drinks during Happy Hour, free drinks when the ship sets sail.
10) Carnival staff would do rain dances to banish any inclement weather.


my 1 request.... more to do for a 14 yr old... too old for Camp too young for Casinos & other games.... kind of a bummer for them !


Buffettbarbie I love your list!!!!

11. The bar wait staff to walk around and offer desserts instead of only alcohol.

12. Magic pills to not let you gain any weight.


now that I thought about it .... I think Carnival should start going back to their old days of building Jubilee and Holiday type ships. The size of the ships they are building now are almost too massive .

Mr. Utley

I think they should build retirement ships for adrenaline addicted baby boomers. Maybe a more economical version of ResidenSeas.....


Some good ideas, some were not really thought out.

Cheaper rates? Come on folks, this is a business.

Free Booze - good idea, but they would have to raise rates to cover at least some of the cost.

Discounts for teachers? - why? It is a business. They do not get cheaper fuel when teachers sail, or cheaper food, or cheaper labor. (English majors can substitue 'less expensive')

Internet Access - you do not have to use it... but LOTS of people depend on it. why take it out?

Happy Hour - hmmmm, makes sense

Smaller Ships - read the other post - based on the full ships it appears people like them.



As I stated before if they would give teachers discounts, they would definitely cruise more often especially in the summer and here in Miami. So yes, it is a good idea because they would make a lot of money from teachers traveling more often.