If you can spare a prayer or good thought


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I'm going in for [hopefully] outpatient foot surgery early tomorrow morning in hopes that it will alleviate one source of pain.

I would certainly appreciate a prayer or good thought. Thank you.


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Mary Ann, prayers and good thoughts for a successful outpatient foot surgery are coming from Sweden.



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Many prayers & good thoughts are on the way from MN,
Hope your surgery goes well & you are with your friend & Pucci this evening.


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Hope all goes well for you Mary Ann. You have had just way toooooo many things happen, of late. I hope this is the end to all of the ouchies!


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Thank you so much. God willing, I'll check in over the weekend. I'll be staying at my friend, Jean's, for 2-3 days.
ahhh, wish I had seen this earlier! Best wishes for an easy procedure and a painless recovery, and excellent results for you and your tootsies.