If you can spare a prayer or good thought


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Thank you so much for your prayers, good wishes, kind comments. They are very much appreciated.

It would appear, thank God, that everything went just fine. Even the day of surgery, I felt no more pain in the ball of my foot. I'm ecstatic. The top of the foot, where the incision and packing are, is tender and I must wear a surgical shoe at all times, but it's little more than discomfort. I'm sure the Percocet is helping. I must keep my foot elevated, so that will limit my time on the computer for awhile. There's absolutely no pain when I'm off my feet and they're elevated. I'm even walking short distances without my walker, but I'm not stupid enough to push the envelope. With pain killers, I don't trust my balance. I won't be allowed to drive for several weeks because it's my right [driving] foot.

Again - THANK YOU. I need to write lots of thank-you notes, but please be patient with me. Judi has been my "voice" for years - special thanks to her for posting in my behalf.


Mary Ann

PS - yes, the furry one has been plastered by my side.


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Welcome home, Sis. Fantabulous news about the foot! :doubleup:

Mal said give him a call when you're ready to dance the jig with him and he'll fly right out! :biggrin:

I'm sure my litte Romeo is thrilled to have his Mommy back with him!


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Great news Mama Duck! So glad to have you back and healing. Will pass on to our friends out this way. Looking forward to a dance on the Zaandam! QUACK!


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Great news, Mary Ann! :doubleup:

Make sure you sit comfortable with your foot elevated and a glass of something nice in your hand (maybe not too strong as long as you are on painkillers... :whistle:) while reading a book and giving Pucci scritches!

Prayers that your foot will heal quickly and without any issues!


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I'm late in reading this. I'm so pleased to hear that the surgery went well and that you're free of pain in that foot. I will continue you to keep you in my prayers.


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Mele Ana, this is wonderful news that we are very happy to hear. Prayers that your foot heals perfectly, and that you are soon on your feet with a happy dance in your step.

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Thank you Mary Ann for checking in.

Sure hope that foot heals quicker than what the doctor says.

Sounds like Pucci is taking good care of you.

That's why I love my laptops -- I can keep my feet elevated and still be on the computer.


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Again, my sincere thanks. The reason my doctors feel the foot will take awhile to heal is because I've had issues with edema ever since my knee replacements. Joint replacements can be a cause of edema/lymphedema and the latter can slow down healing. I'm very pleased with my pain level and, for once, I'm following doctors' orders about not sitting at the computer. I do have a laptop that I'll start using, but the pain meds are making me tired. I'm keeping up with important business matters, of course, but am taking it slowly with others.

Yes, Pucci is plastered - literally plastered - by my side. It's amazing how he senses to keep several paces behind me when I'm using my walker and healing from surgery!


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I am glad that you are doing well and following orders. Was this a Morton's Neuroma? If so, I had one removed about 30 yrs. ago. I know it will be a relief to no longer have the pain in the ball of your foot. I remember the pain well.


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Pat - no it wasn't. In December 2005, I had surgery on the same foot for a displaced joint where the toe and ball of the foot meet. A screw was placed in there. The problem areas now were Metatarsal 2 and 3. Dislocations again, but the doctor believes the screw was creating issues, too. The screw was removed now.

I had my first post-op examination today - all the packings were removed and the foot re-bandaged. I have two rather long incisions. Everything looks satisfactory. He didn't put as many packings on the top of the foot today when he re-bandaged. He also recommended against my walking around the supermarket to do my shopping after I left his office (of course, my friend is doing all the driving). So...I walked around the supermarket against instructions. Can you say YEEEOOOWWWW? :bawl: The painkiller hasn't killed all the pain. I got my lesson in spades. I'll be off my feet tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday... The bottom of the foot doesn't hurt - it's the top.

I'll play doctor/nurse tomorrow and add more packings to the foot....


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Sounds like a nightmare to me. Why in the world would you walk all over the supermarket, when the doc specifically told you not to do it??????????? Get that foot healed......we have some cruises coming up!


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He also recommended against my walking around the supermarket... So...I walked around the supermarket against instructions.
:madd: QUACK :madd:!! Mama Duck !!! What were you thinking? Were you thinking? Come on, dag nab it. You know better. If there is something really dumb that has to be done ... well, ... that's what we have a GloBug for ... !


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You and M must be related! I see you both follow doctors' orders to the T :)

Of course, I'm glad you are doing well. And I've been passing along your updates to L who is also please.

Please, may the progress continue.



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Thank you for your concern.

I imagine others with pain can relate to this, but when you suddenly feel on top of the world, you feel like you've been released from captivity. Then comes the reality check for having overstepped your limits. With the proverbial tail between my legs, I learned my lesson. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.



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Oh Mary Ann that is soooo much more than a M. N. !!!! I am so glad that all is going well.....but also glad to hear that you are NOW going to follow orders. You are right......if you put your hand into a flame and get burned, you don't do THAT again. Same with walking against orders. BAD GIRL!!!!!!! But, you are paying for it. I also know you have learned from it. HUGS!!!!!!!


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Since the surgery was on my right foot, I'm not allowed to drive...so my poor friend, Jean, is once again helping out. I HAD to do my grocery shopping - it was a lot faster doing it myself than writing a list then telling Jean where to go find things, etc., etc. That's my excuse...and I'm sticking to it.

I did put extra packings atop my foot and re-tape it, so the foot isn't barking as much. Percocet is helping, too..........