If you could change one thing about Carnival



From the Carnival Capers, Carnival Inspiration, final day at sea:

Win a cruise for 2 bingo 10:30 AM Paris Lounge

Ice Carving Demonstration 1:00 PM Lido Deck Stage

Hairy Chest contest, Lido Deck stage

Survivor at Sea, Final Episode! Lido Deck Stage

Final Art Auction Extravaganza, 2:30 PM Candlelight Lounge

Country Line Dance Class, 2;15 PM Disco

Newlywed and Not-so-Newlyed Game, 2:45 PM Paris Lounge

Gold Card Bingo & Store Raffle, 3:30 PM Paris Lounge

Camp Carnival Talent Show, 4:00 Pm Candlelight Lounge

Karioke Fun7-9:00 PM Avant Garde Lounge

Big Band Dance Set 9-10:00 PM Paris Lounge

Inspiration Horse Racing, 10:00 PM Paris Lounge

Showtime, Variety Showtime 10:30 Paris Lounge

Add to that various bands/orchestras at different venues about the ship, the Nautica Spa & Beaty Salon, dinner in the main dining room or on Lido Deck and capped off with Pary Gras Madness in the Avant Garde Lounge at 1:00 AM. I'm sure I left out some offerings but if you won't find something to keep you entertained, it will be yoiur own fault!


I would have to say that i would like to chang the towel rule. I took the carnival towel out of my room with my 5 other friends and we took them up on deck. It was our first cruise and we did not know that if you left the towel on deck or lost it that you had to pay $25.00 for it. I think that they should provide new, clean towels on deck every day for their guests insted of us having to bring them up on deck with us:)

Don M

Less lines in the lido deck restaurants. A system like RCI has with multiple places to pick up food decreases lines dramatically.

Also, less announcements and pushing their selected vendors on shore.


I would like Carnival to lower the age to 1 for Camp Carnival.. my son is 18 months and he does great @ daycare.. he loves other children. I could understand them not wanting to watch an infant, but if they can walk , talk and tell you when they pooped why not allow them in Camp Carnival? I would not leave him there all day.. maybe just 1 or 2 hrs. These kids are on vacation too and they need some entertainment like coloring, running around or having puppet shows.. etc...Also, I wish carnival would expand there lunch & dinner menu for room service. I wish we could get a hot meal and sit in our room or on the balcony and eat in in the peace and quiet of our own room...And I totally agree about what was mentioned earlier about past guest promotions and discounts for ALL past guest.. I am a past guest and the only thing I received was the cocktail party. I did manage however to pursuade the carnival rep into sending my parents a complimentary horderve (? on sp) tray on our upcoming cruise.. it was like pulling teeth but at least I was able to get them something


They have improved the decor on the newer ships, but it could be classier still. Who thought up those pink "skittles" in the dining room, or the blue lights along the walkways on the Miracle?? They are hideous!!


I just thought of one little one... You know the crystal geyser waters they put in your cabin that you think are free? Well they should just make it free instead of leaving it in your cabin like that.


tinaparrotthead Wrote:
> More activities? Again, don't anyone get upset
> with me, but since this is going to be my first
> cruise, I was under the impression (was it wrong
> impression?) that there were tons of
> activities.....we don't gamble either and the
> hairy chest contest just doesn't seem to appeal to
> me either!! Are there pool tables and table
> tennis, etc. on board or is that saved for the
> kiddies?

Woops, I guess I should have clarified better. I did not mean to imply that there weren't any activities just not many that I prefer, during the morning time on those days at sea. I guess what I would be looking for would be things to do rather than group games like Bingo, Harry Chest, etc, as I embarrass easily and I don't like that. I would like to do things sports related. I probably should look more to the RCCL ships with the Basketball, climbing wall etc. but let me say that I wouldn't have traded my time on the Carnival ships for anything, we had an awesome time, I was just making a suggestion, and now that I have thought about it I probably should have clarified better. So please don't worry about it, I am sure you will have a great time. If there weren't any activities during those times I would still go, you just can't beat being at Sea, and you can't discredit the awesome feeling you get by just standing on the front of the ship with all the wind blowing while it sails on it's way, you just can't beat that.

I have heard that some ships (not Carnival) have movie theaters, now that would be cool.

Sorry if I scared you!


I just thought of another suggestion!! No charge for children under 2 years old!! Sheez, its not like they use up ship resources. :) 2 and over makes some sense because Camp Carnival has accomodations for those ages and up.


the days at port need more ship activities

A trip to the spa should not be a sales pitch to spend even more money

I agree that an all inclusive alcololic drink card is the way to go, but make it two tiered. One for beer and fru fru drinks of similar price and another that includes your higher end wines and martinis. Won't happen because here is where CCL makes it's $$

Less focus on the art auctions

Small meet and greet parties on day one sailing like sports theme, wine and martini, sample some brews, carnival only has to organize the area, theme and lets meet each other.

More dancing options, the disco is great but why not more country line dance lesson for an hour in the afternoon, then an hour of country songs, staggered by rumba lessons an hour after, then whatever. lessons staggered for 3-4 hours on a sea day, Then after dinner, even a DJ and a dance area. yeah they do a single dance style per cruise, open it up to severa.

okay, the past guest cruisers bit did upgrade us to a nice balcony... but why not save up "points" for a free cruise?



I wish Carnaval had an adult-only ship. No offense to families, but when I take a vacation, I don't want to listen to other people's kids screaming, yelling, crying, whining. I also don't like the way they thrash all over the pool like they own it, kicking me in the back, and splashing water all over the place.
Hmmm, sounds like I've had a bad experience, huh?!
Maybe they could open up the pool/hot tub later in the evening, to give everyone a chance to enjoy.

Also, I thought the deserts were rather bland, there was definately room for improvement.

1 other thing, I think there should be a buy 1 week, get 1 week free promotion :)


Maybe an adults only pool at least, I hardly ever go in the pools because it is so overrun with kids. Which is ok, they're cruisers too, and their parents paid for them to be there, but a big pool that isn't so wild would be nice.


Borrow dessert's from Holland America and also upgrade the ice cream to real ice cream and not just the soft serve.



Also come up with a better room service menu, or at least let cat 12 cabins have a reasonable room service menu.



now, the inspiration had many more activities, I sailed her, as compared to the Destiny. On theDestiny, We never saw the cruise director except for the past guest party and captin's party. On the Destiny, in port , not much to do. Didn't mean we need entertaining, the lido lounge chairs were good, just not much t choose from and the activities like hairy chest and survivor were very toned down.