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If you could choose one state ----


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I could easily say Hawai'i - my family and I often thought of buying property there - but at the end of the day, it's too confining.

My family rests in peace here, and I have my "space" next to theirs, so I have no intention of moving from Arizona. Not a very perky reply, is it?


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I used to say Florida, then we thought we would buy a houseboat and live on a Kentucky lake for 6 months and buy an RV and hit the road for 6 months. Now, I guess we'll just wait and see where our son plants himself. :smile:


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My initial thought was Hawaii but in reality I think it would still be Illinois. Even though I hate the cold temps & snow, Illinois is quite simply home. We live in a metro area with a combined population of approx 250,000+ so it is big enough to have a lot to see & do yet it is not a huge city. I love the changing seasons. I love being within a day's drive to cities like Chicago, St. Louise, & Kansas City. In our younger days we would take off on a weekend to go to a ball game, visit a big zoo, see some of the best aquariums & museums. We're close to excellent health facilities. We're close to these things without living in the "rat race" of a huge city. But most important of all, our 4 children all live here, less than a mile from our house. If they need us, we're close & vice versa. In times of an emergency (and we've had a few over the yrs) we can come together in a matter of minutes. So Illinois is where I am and Illinois is where I will stay. Maybe some day I'll get to visit Hawaii.


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It would not be the state of CA. Thought about Hawaii, almost made the move, but considering it is approx 26% or greater to live there than in CA we didn't make the move. In time we will move but it must be warm, no snow, and low cost of living.


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I would love to move back to Salt Lake City. I have many friends there and lots of cousins. I learned to ski at some of the best ski resorts in the world, and places like Snowbird and Park City are 20 minutes away! Lovely scenery, nice hot summers, great canyons minutes away, friendly people, and snow. But... my daughter lives here and here I stay. I very much want to baby sit grand children, I love where I live, I love seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on walks with the dogs, seeing the city on my way home from the grocery store or work (on my six minute commute), and having a 2000+ acre park in my backyard. All those are wonderful and can't be beat, but the lure of babysitting beats them all.


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I love Florida so if I had to pick another place to live it would be there. I like the climate, even in July and August. I would be closer to cruise ports and I know I would have lots of visitors. It's amazing how many people from here have moved to Florida. I always say we would like to move there for about 10 years then come back and be a burden on our daughter!

Like Mary Ann, my family is all buried here and I have our lots too so I imagine that even if we moved we would be brought back here to rest. I hope they have a mink lined casket as I hate the cold!

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At one time we thought about moving to Florida. That was the right before they had 4 hurricanes. Ended that thought.

We have bought our crypts here in PA so we will be staying here.


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Right here where I am in VA....all my children and grandchildren live within a 35 mile radius...only a 3 hour drive to visit my folks and sisters in NJ....a short hour's drive to the mountains...2.5 hour drive to the beach....4 seasons....I'll keep it as home base and just visit elsewhere! :doubleup:
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While I agree with Neciez that Virginia's hard to beat, for me Hawai'i is the place to be--for the Aloha spirit, gentle weather, wonderful food, incredible sights, loving people and, of course Hawai'ian music and culture. Having grown up in the islands, they don't seem confining once you are there--you adjust to your "boundaries" and soon it becomes "too far" to take a 20-mile trip unless you plan in advance (a far cry from my daily commute!). Give me a Kona sunset any evening, and I will be a happy man.


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I have a LOVE / HATE relationship with my home and birth state of New Jersey. I LOVE the Jersey Shore.:doubleup: I LOVE the mountains of Northwestern New Jersey.:doubleup: I LOVE where I live, which is a rural area with plenty of farmland and open space. :doubleup: I LOVE that i live just 45 minutes from New York or Philadelphia. :doubleup: I HATE our State Government, which is out of control, and most of all, I HATE our taxes, which are the highest in the country.:hammer: So, if things remain the same, when the boys have left the nest, we will be leaving for somewhere in the Southeastern part of the US, where our retirement dollars will stretch a LOT farther, meaning a lot more cruises!!! :biggrin: