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If you could choose one state ----


Guess our choice is the Missouri Ozarks. My children are within 2 hours of us. Not the traffic and hurry hurry. Just a farm girl at heart.


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With not wanting to leave my children and grandchildren I guess I will have to stay here in Pennsylvania. Otherwise I would love to go some place were there is no snow or ice!!


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Now Hawaii is only a dream & we all have our fantasy dreams.

In reality, we both love Florida for many reasons & talk about retiring there often; cruising is the big factor... Rick has dreams of working in the cruise industry part time when he retires.

... However, our family is in New Jersey, only time will tell...

George C

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Hawaii does sound good, love NY, but I will stick with Texas, love the weather in general ( last summer was a little to hot), at least we have cruise ships and no state tax, also pretty cheap to live, most people can afford a nice home.


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Although I like warm places, I plan on staying here as a resident in SW Ohio. The cost of living isn't too bad. We get the 4 seasons but it's not extreme. My kids live here which is a big reason to stay. I'm happy to say that I'm a 5th generation Cincinnatian. I plan on purchasing something in Florida in the future for the winter months and family usage but will keep my permanent home here.


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There are so many nice places over there where I could live.
Since I'm no great friend of winter and cool climate also I would have to say Florida.


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Plenty of options here. Here are some of the states I would consider.

Seems to be close to Sweden regarding weather (white winter, nice spring and a great summer) and also nature. I think it would feel almost like home to me (good or bad?).

Have been looking at photos in a calendar (Thanks, Joanne!) and it looks stunning!

San Francisco, CA
A beautiful city with georgeous houses, Golden Gate (of course) and the trams. Just the risk for earthquakes…

New York, NY
Of course on Manhattan if I could choose. As I have been living mostly in tiny cities here in Sweden I would like to feel the energy of a really big place.

New Mexico
Just for the chance of living in a city that is named after a TV-series; Truth or Consequences. Only in the US…! :biggrin:

For the nature, if it was not for the beer… sorry; I mean bears :whistle:

There are of course a lot of other nice areas in the US (that I have not been to yet) but which one to choose…? :scratch:

It would probably be just outside of San Francisco or in Ohio (but ask again when I have been to Florida and Louisiana in 2013 for the BIG easy and the answer may be different... :bigsmile:).



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Definitely on the coast of New England, most likely in my adopted home state of Massachusetts. I love the change of seasons, the sights and sounds of the ocean, and the history. It's a toss-up between a large city and a small college town...each have their amenities.


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I just LOVED reading all your answers. I found that many of you really took the time to consider just what place would really be your choice. Also interesting that children, final resting places and just love of the known kept a lot tied to the places where they now reside.

If and I say, if, I could leave my grown children and grandchildren then my choices would be one of these two

Pella Iowa --- the town is charming, the people seem to enjoy keeping their property neat and beautifully landscaped and it is a small town which appeals to me. Downers ---- cold, cold winters, and probably too cliquey and i don't know this for sure, but would a small town know all of your business? But I truly love going there every chance I can get and then my husband is from Holland so it is the nearest town to being like a village in Holland.

Colorado Springs, Colorado I love the safe and strong feeling of the mountains. I love the cool summer weather. (I hate summer). It is a large enough city to have plenty of shopping and yet in 15 minutes you can be out of the city and be into the mountains. Downers -- sun sinks behind the mountains very quickly in the evening and nights are very dark -- no bright moon most of the time. I'm sure the cost of living would eat us up financially.

I guess the best of all worlds would be to have a vacation home in both towns and then we could go to live there for whatever time we need to get away from the humdrum of life in the big city in which we live. I could always take our grandchildren with us for the weeks we might spend in either of these two towns.

In Kansas I can see more of the beautiful landscape than most people see. We have all 4 seasons, we have wind which will cool us in the hot summer and waves of golden wheat grain before harvest and lush green when it is in it's early growing season. Our sunsets ans sunrises are breathtaking and we have many lovely, honest, fun, loyal friends with whom we can play cards, have picnics, get together and complain about how boring it can be to live in Kansas --- all the time knowing we have a wonderful jewel of a town here, our hidden secret because all people who have never been here think it would be dull to live here. Oh well, what they don't know doesn't hurt us!!!

Thanks for making this thread such a "fun read".

grb :thankyou:


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Probably Florida. No snow, no snow, no snow, and close to cruise ports. Oh yeah, and no snow! While I LOVE the beauty of Alaska and the rural area we live in is wonderful, I tire of the cold weather and no longer want to shovel snow.


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LOL Tobyn...you surpised me. Though I can see where you would be sick of snow I see Florida being way to :hot:HOT in summer for you :biggrin: :biggrin:

After having the opportunity to living in so many different places when Leatherneck was active duty in USMC it became an easy decision for us. This has been a fun thread! :doubleup:
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Nieciez, you are right. The summer would (at least initially) be too hot and humid. I might have to get used to it. The only way I could retire to some place with snow is if we lived in a Condo. I told Bread when we leave here, I am DONE shoveling snow. I am going to retire where ever Bread wants to. . . . so who knows!