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If you look here, then you have to post!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, Sep 8, 2007.


    BRENNL Guest

    Posting as requested.

    Rosie....love your poem.

  2. Rubysky

    Rubysky Guest

    Here I am again, posting to this vicious circle of peek & post.

  3. tw1nk1es

    tw1nk1es Guest

    Ok, this is the third time and I swear that I will leave it alone.
  4. SueC

    SueC Guest

    Even though I was pretty sure I knew what was coming, I couldn't resist the temptation...is there a free cruise waiting for the post # 65 captain?? =docdance
  5. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    How do you make a tissue dance?

    Put a little boogie in it. :)
  6. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    Runny's Jig Bump

    Runny be quimble,
    Runny be nick,
    RUnny cump over the jandlestick,
    But now -- what smells like furning bluff?
    Guess he didn't hump jigh enough.
  7. Jill B

    Jill B Guest


    See what happens when we go away for the weekend? @ddicts at play :lol

    This is my post, and I am off to bed now. Happy end of the weekend to you all :)
  8. Linda&Jim

    Linda&Jim Guest

    Happy Sunday morning !!
  9. janes

    janes Guest

    ok, I'm posting !!!
  10. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    Red Sox win World Series!
  11. loulou

    loulou Guest

    Ok, ok..I get the hint!
    I do tend to lurk- I guess its my nature-
    I will try to post more often-
    I read about Elliot-pray for Elliot...but Im not usually one
    to share that sort of thing.
    Need I say..I LOVE Cruise-addicts!!!
  12. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    =lolgang..You got me.. gone 2 whole days..so here I am.. :wave..Joanne
  13. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    Happy Sunday to all @ddicts! Good luck to the teams of all you football fans!
  14. Suez

    Suez Guest

    Checking in and posting :)

  15. AlaskaMoose

    AlaskaMoose Guest

    I peeked just now so I'll go ahead and post a "Hello Everybody!" Off to do more dreaded household chores...
  16. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    I had to look. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!
  17. spinkens

    spinkens Guest

    I'm not gonna, no, I'm not gonna. Oh, heck, I'll do it!
  18. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

  19. seamom

    seamom Guest

    Hi John...how's tricks? See you are still up to them..lol..making us post if we peek! What cheek!:lol Can't a person lurk in privacy any more! :grin

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