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If you look here, then you have to post!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by John, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Essiesmom

    Essiesmom Guest

    My first post...Booked on Celebration in Jan. EM
  2. spinkens

    spinkens Guest

    Three days since the last post. Am I going to be the last???
  3. APhiJill

    APhiJill Guest

    Woo hoo just booked our cruise. My first in 10 years
  4. chuckf6823

    chuckf6823 Guest

    Ok You got me. Back to lurk mode.
  5. bjm

    bjm Guest

    anyone out there going on carnival legend May 3 2008
  6. AkaJazzy

    AkaJazzy Guest

    You got me. I am new to this site and I have been researching the whole cruise thing for the last few days. I am going on my first cruise next week and I am so nervous it isn't funny. First it was all the hoopla over formal night and then it was worrying about getting sea sick, or the pool above my room falling through the ceiling.....you know just little things like that!!!
  7. Mabes

    Mabes Guest

  8. loloholt

    loloholt Guest

    okie dokie
  9. jmaygs

    jmaygs Guest

    I looked, I posted.
  10. spfzero

    spfzero Guest

    I just had to see what was on the other side of the click!! Anyway...I love this place...I'm not here alot, but it's a great place to get information and just to get cruise fix between cruises. I always recommend this site to new cruisers!

    Just got back from a 5 day on the Imagination on the 3rd of December, and I'm ready to book another....I woke up this morning to temperatures of about 40 or so...and I live on the
    SW coast of Florida!!!!

    Tag you're it!
  11. ok u got me heres my post :cool:
  12. Well shoot..I was the fool and had to look..so..here's my reply.

  13. drydocked

    drydocked Guest

    Love the cheetah avatar.....looking for cruise info to Maho Bay because i also love watching planes land.
  14. Greyfox

    Greyfox Guest

    OK, I'm a newbie to this site and a newbie to cruising. Our first cruise is onboard the Carnival Freedom on February 16. I'm looking to learn a lot from this site before departure. So far this site has been very helpful.

    Regards to all.
  15. evamowry

    evamowry Guest

    Dennis, we are on the Glory on 1/9/08, are you booked that week?
    If so, then See ya!
  16. danyaroshsr

    danyaroshsr Guest

    i'm busted,i throw myself on the mercy of the court, ok.

    glory jan 19th,2008 lido deck starboard side I'll be the one with the frozen drink.
    for the record
    ms seaward, soverign of the sea, fantasy,soverign of the sea,tropical,fantasy, celebration, glory,fantasy, departing glory 2 weeks,
  17. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Ok, if I must. Just booked a 7 day on the Victory this weekend...it will be 5 years since my last Carnival cruise. Can't wait.
  18. tgntm

    tgntm Guest

    Do I win a Cruise now?
  19. shredder1

    shredder1 Guest

    ok here you go,
    going on a 4 day on the sensation 02/10/08 -have a new business, only days I can take off in the next 6 months :)
  20. RedKitten

    RedKitten Guest

    Just logged in for the first time in a LONG time. Good to be back! Sailing in 35 days and I absolutely can't wait!!!!!

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