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If you look here, then you have to post!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by John, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. goraiders

    goraiders Guest

    Hi! We are booked on the Inspiration, leaving from Tampa, on Feb. 25. Anyone been on the inpsiration since it has been refurbished????
  2. Don M

    Don M Guest

    Love the site. Thanks for the reminder to Post!

    UKCATS Guest

    LOL caught me peeking.
  4. teris43

    teris43 Guest

    Got me too! Just planned my 2nd cruise. I'm on a 5 day on the Imagination. Very excited! Fabulous web site.
  5. gacruiser

    gacruiser Guest

    Hi. First post.
  6. crmjmdm

    crmjmdm Guest

    OK you got me. I haven't posted here in quite some time but lately I've started lurking again.

    Maybe another cruise next year..... we will see.
  7. shugg33

    shugg33 Guest

    First time Cruiser here. Anybody on the Fantasy 2/18/08?
  8. Mar

    Mar Guest

    Haven't posted for a long time...but I try to follow directions!!!!
  9. Babushka

    Babushka Guest

    Wish I had a cruise booked...:( But I did just recently book one for my daughter's honeymoon in July so looks like I'll live vicariously through her for now! OK, there's my post....
  10. Grayce

    Grayce Guest

    Just peeking lol!
  11. mail-girl

    mail-girl Guest

  12. bjm

    bjm Guest

    starting to count down. May 3 2008 Carnival Legend. anyone else on this cruise?
  13. Happy FRIDAY!! to all cruisers!!!!.... :)
  14. Cruising1908

    Cruising1908 Guest

    Woo Hoo....Happy cruising everyone!!!
  15. mommiejaxx

    mommiejaxx Guest

    New to cruising.. First one on the Inspiration at end of April!! Woo Hoo!! :)-D
  16. j13c85

    j13c85 Guest

    Been lurking for a couple of weeks- but I started posting today...there are some great people on this board. :pride
  17. itsrikkig

    itsrikkig Guest

    hi all lurker here
  18. Babyblue

    Babyblue Guest

    OK i followed the rule.
    Have a gr8 day
  19. acobandita

    acobandita Guest

    Ok...I am doing my part:party
  20. bjm

    bjm Guest

    count down 81days to go. May 3 2008 Carnival Legend

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