:( I'm a Little Frustrated w/ the Photo Gallery


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Looks like the Link to the OLD Gallery is still on vacation MPH so I would just keep trying the Link that Suer posted above. Suer ... I will race U to find a way to review comments or change any info in regards to the uploaded photos without opening and editing each one individually. :bbat: The thought crossed my mind to delete the entire album from scratch and reload it as it seems U only get one chance (at the Process Step) to change the Title or Description on any of the Batch uploaded photos. After U process the Batch it seems like its edit on an individual basis. :hammer: Nice feature however to allow for multiple photo editing of the title & descpriptions ... One just has to remember to do it when the album it initially opened and uploaded to.


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One of my personal BEEFS with regards to photos and photo galleries is tied to the identification of photos. I love perusing thru galleries but in honesty will skip by those that have titles associated from the camera file only (d102347 etc) instead of an actual ID such as Magens Bay or Long Beach Cove. Capturing a photo is unfortunately only half the job when it comes to the hobby of photography IMO.

The opening of the NEW gallery is and attempt to simplify things with regards to the uploading of photos and easing of other functions within the photo gallery. Is it a perfect fix and the right fix??? I guess that it is sort of like the glass id Half Full and Half empty Theory. :bbat:

I personally like many others liked the OLD Photo gallery and its MANY neat features but then again I have been called a Geekie person more than my fair share of times. On the other hand there were also a LOT of folks that did NOT like the OLD gallery because of its complex nature.

I believe I can fairly state that there is NO perfect fit that will resemble a Photo Bucket or SnapFish type gallery as they are TOTALLY dedicated to that type of operations where as the Photo Gallery at C@ is only a part of the picture and NOT the entire picture.

I believe the Captain along with the rest of US is in the trial and error mode and will make adjustments on the fly which could result in a number of options. What results will those be and what options might exist is anyones guess. It could be stay with the NEW photo gallery or upgrade to another gallery or perhaps use both the OLD and NEW galleires in combination and give folks a choice as to which one they prefer to use.

Whatever the solution is there is one guarantee and that is that C@ will have the BEST Cruise Photo Gallery available throughout the numerous internet cruise sites found around the net. For now I would say like Charles we should all post perhaps on this thread what items each of US have either found to be positive or negative and then perhaps we can compile a list to work on with regards to solutions.

I too liked the old photo gallery better. I've managed to up load hundreds of photos (I think over 600). A few e-mails to Captain John helped solve a few problems I had with the new photo album.

However, my biggest frustration at this time is that I put the photos in a certain order. The names of the photos were changed to allow an alphabetical sort to put the photos in order. That is how I upload the photos, but they don't appear in the album that way.

Once I was able to get the photos in alphabetical order, but I have not been able to reproduce that result. :hammer:

At any rate, I have been changing the description to match the photo, rather than the name of the photo. I hope that is okay.

But now the second problem - the inability to create different albums. My Mariner of the Seas balcony and cabin photos are in the same album as the pictures of the someone's cabin and balcony on the Carnival Spirit. I have nothing against the Carnival Spirit (I'm booked on it for next year) and I have nothing against the photos that were posted. But does someone looking for Mariner of the Seas cabins and balconies want to see the Carnival Spirit?

Same thing with the ports of call. My Mexican Riviera photos are in the same album as the Alaska ports of call.

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Gramma Ann - I can only speak for my review. I am ultra ultra cautious of people's privacy, and since I'll eventually be transferring my review to our Review area that might be more open to the internet in general than our boards, I purposely am tap-dancing around names and omitting them. I'm sure if you ask who certain people are, they'll respond if they so wish.
I understand Mary Ann, Just really ment that I'm usually looking for a ship name or something like Alaska, rather than a persons name. I'll really just wait untill the powers that be tweek it a little more.

For what it's worth, I don't use the "other" board's photos either. I guess I'm just old and set in my ways, expecting it to be like the "old" C@ gallery that I was used to.


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Cruizer I hear ya regarding your questions/concerns/thoughts as they are on my list for the higher powers. Especially the sub categories within a category.

I am guilty as charged for not putting the word duck in any shape or form in my pictures description. I labeled them exactly what they are, basically where they were taken.

You can make a sub category, but within members galleries only.

When I uploaded mine after a few tries, I finally uploaded them by my own category, Tracy Arm, Butchart Garden, Butterfly farm. I logged out, cleared cache, logged back in to upload the next section. At least all my categories are together.


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Cruizer ... Right now we can hope that The Capitain might just possibly keep the Old Gallery open for those of us that are familiar with all the extras and like them. :clap:

Suer I think U have been wise with creating a gallery for each socalled Sub Topic beacause of the 100 photo limit per album. :boogie: That would most likely by my approach for use with the NEW Gallery and I might just create a album for each Port of Call such as Sea Princess Duck Cruise - Day in Skagway. That way would more than likely reduce the possibility of running out of storage space within an album. :confused:


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Lots of good info in this thread. Thanks Everyone.

I was able to view a member's gallery (Jill B), view thumbnails, and run the slide show successfully.

Now to find the other Duck Cruise Galleries.



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Those of us that were on the duck crew cruise that have posted pictures are all listed under MEMBER GALLERIES by our user name. Going forward, who knows where they will put their pictures. It will be up to them. Those of you that found JillB's should have found bseabob, Globugs, E's and mine. The members names are all alphabetical.

Click on PHOTO GALLERY or GALLERY, then MEMBER GALLERIES, you should see a listing of our usernames. Click on a USERNAME. Thumbnails of pictures should appear.

Across the top you should see CATEGORY TOOLS, in that drop down is the option for VIEW SLIDE SHOW.

Not everyone on that cruise has uploaded their pictures.
There is not a separate section strickly for duck cruise pictures.

We have more choices and options on where we put our pictures then the old gallery.

We are all learning how to upload and navigate the photo gallery.


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To view comments:

Click on PHOTO GALLERY or GALLERY. In the drop down of WHAT'S POPULAR click on TOP REPLIED TO IMAGES. You do haveta click on every single picture to read the comments.

Considering I have 6 replies for 131 pictures. This way is a bit easier than clicking on every single picture of mine to read them. I was able to quickly look for my pics to read the replies.

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Charles, you mention seeing Jill's photos in thumbnail. if you click on the picture it will enlarge, and depending on what size the person uploard them to.. you might find another click in the same picture enlarges it further.. until it is the original size that the person loaded.


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Hi MPH, Not sure what link was posted but, this is the link and its been working for me.

Old Photo Gallery

Just a note, As a community the idea with these set of tools is 1) Everyone Using them and 2) Everything Viewing them. If we get too fragmented with old/new and new/old we may have a problem.

If you have any questions let me know via PM if needed.