I'm Back! Have questions...


True Rosie

Hi !

Anyone from the ol' original gang still around and who might remember me?

I posted this message on the general Message Board, and then I found these specific cruise lines Message Boards. What a wonderful idea!

I have some questions (as usual) about a possible cruise on the Regal Princess in October. I've read some not-too-good reviews about Regal so we are kind of reluctant to make a commitment. Has anyone cruised her recently? If so, can you give me your views.

Also, since I've been out of the loop for quite a while, what are the rules about bringing alcoholic beverages on board?

Hope to hear from some ol' buddies and some new ones.

True Rosie


Hi Rosie....check back at the Community Board as you have some answers there! Though I must admit that postings on that board get buried quickly! I said "go for it"!


Wine and Champagne are allowed, other alcohol not (though I've yet to hear of anyone who has had any confiscated from their checked luggage--just don't put it in your carry-on).


Checked luggage should be NO problem as Amber said and Princess is pretty decent even abvout bringing a bottle on from port. We had the carry on box at St. Thomas and the security put it thru the scanner and asked me when the party started. lol The key words here are be discreet and smile a LOT. :) Good to see U again True Rosie. :wave


We sailed on the Crown this year, sneak them babies in your checked luggage and you will be fine. As of March they were still letting you carry on the wine and champagne.
I think maybe part of the things your might be hearing about the Regal is that she is now one of the older ships of Princess and in no way compares to the newer ones. The Crown is/was her sister ship and was in great shape there.
We did sail on the Regal once, but it was too long ago to give you any idea of how it is today, sorry.

Kwaj girl

True Rosie:

We sailed the Regal last Nov to Australia/New Zealand. Cabins are large by Princess' standards and the service was excellent. Food ranged from good to very good. We enjoyed it so much that we booked her again this Oct from Osaka to Beijing. Spring for a balcony cabin; balconies are small compared to some other ships but adequate for 4 friends to fit comfortably for sailaways each day! Email me if you'd like more detailed info re: our ship critique for that sailing.