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I'm going to get bashed

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by ewheelock, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Lizzi, as "fate" would have it, my parents are up here right now. I told them about your DH and they were trying to figure out who it could be lol. If you look at my post "another one" I wrote that my DH gave me a b'day gift of a cruise to nowhere. We have done this once before. Since we are so close to NY pier up here in the "north" it is so easy for us to hop on Air Brook and get to the ship. You wouldn't have a long drive from down there. It 's great to just sail out for 2 days and not expensive if you have to save $ for college. We never had that problem. We have 2 boys also. My DH is a cop in our town and boys followed right in his footsteps! Didn't even have to pay for the Police Academy, so more cruises for us :thumb I will tell Dad about your DH today when I see him.
  2. lizzitish

    lizzitish Guest

    this is just to funny.....just responding to threads and finding someone who actually knows where Bay Head is...LOL. Geoff works days....he would be the guy with the crew cut(but a few have crew cuts...LOL) , and with the "cop" attitude(but dont let him know I said that....hehehe.) When I mentioned your dads name, he knew right away who he was, and said HE IS THE BHIA......by hook or crook, we will be going on another cruise with in the next two years...basically all he has to do is pack and show up. this last cruise, he said we couldnt afford it, but I showed him....he doesnt doubt me anymore. have a great day!

    Lizzi(from the Jersey Shore)
  3. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Lizzi, yes, I em'ed my brother and he knows him very well. Said a while ago he had a problem with his neighbor who continually parked his truck blocking my bro's driveway a little bit and your DH helped him get it straightened out. I know; this is such a small world. Tell your DH to bring you home some frosted crumbcakes from Muellers Bakery :thumb :thumb. They are THE BEST!
  4. lizzitish

    lizzitish Guest

    Muellers are the best!!! Geoff said in the summer the line starts at daybreak to get the crumbcake....next time you're in the "head of bay" stop by the station and ask for him....I told him I met someone who has family in Bay Head and they knew him....he just scratched his head and asked where I met this person....when I told him at cruise addicts, he just laughed...couldnt imagine out of all the people you talk to thru the threads, I'd meet someone with connections to BH...have a great day, off to work, ugh!

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