I'm the bearer of horrible news!


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It's with heavy heart that I need to let you know that our dear Shipmaven, my big Sis, passed away this morning.

She was short of breath and called the Nurse at the rehab center, who called an ambulance. Apparently, she died either on the way or shortly after she got there.

Please bear with us and respect our time of mourning.

If anyone has any immediate travel plans, please let me know. Otherwise, you'll be hearing from Sea for Sail at a later date.


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Judi, I just got this news from Calgon, he's on the phone as I type. I am at a loss for words. My heart is aching. I know I am not alone in saying that she will be missed in ways we cannot even fathom. Rest in Peace my sweet friend.


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this is total shock... Sheryl and I aren't even in reality right now.. have spent the last hour on the phone and it is a total blur


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Oh my God ...

This has hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks ! Numb is not the right word. As I said on the phone, not 'is there anything I can do?'; rather, 'What do you need done?'

We all loose friends and associates throughout our lives; but Mary Ann Rizzo will leave a void that will never be filled.

May God have mercy on her soul, and keep her safe in His heaven, until we can once again see her.

God bless you Mary Ann. We all love you so much ...


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i know we have another guardian angel, but not in a million years would I have ever expected your call sweet Judi! Go rest high on the mountain Mary Ann so you can watch all the cruise ships everywhere. Until we meet again....


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Just heard about this via Facebook... So very sorry to hear the sad news. JoAnn & I extend our deepest sympathy....


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I too am still in a state of shock....my heart is heavy. THe tears have not stopped flowing since I got your call Judi....RIP my good friend.....


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OMG, this is so shocking! She had just sent me her review from a Hawaii cruise she took a few years ago because I had asked about it. She was so gracious to give me extra tips and advice! Please extend our condolences to all that personally knew her, I hope Pucci will be okay! Poor guy is going to be so confused!


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I saw this on facebook and could not believe it. Most of you do not know how much she did for us when Elliott was ill. She did not want you to know. She supplied us with a dyson vacumn when he had to have a spotless home to return to, gas cards and on and on. And she never wanted all of you to know. I will miss her friendship so very much. But she is now with Elliott, to spoil him as she sees fit until I get there. For those of you who are a personal friend, my heartfelt condolences.
And what will happen to her dear Pucci? So shocked...RIP dear lady.

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We are numb with shock, and have shed a river of tears over this loss. We all have lost a true treasure of a friend. May she rest in peace knowing how she touched so many of our lives with her endless kindness, thoughtfulness and overabundant generosity.
God Bless You Friend!


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There are SO many things Mary Ann did for people that she didn't want anyone to know about. She was such a kind and generous person, but she didn't want recognition for it. We were her family, and we're devastated to lose her!
John just called me. I am in total shock. While Mary Ann did not have any family, we - not just the Duck Crew, but all the Cruise @ddicts - were her family. She was always do generous, so caring, so loving. She has touched us all, so deeply. Thank you, God, for having shared her with us for so long. Take care of her. She is, and always will be, a gem.

We love you Mary Ann.


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This is totally unbelievable....rest in peace Mary Ann you were a wonderful and caring person and you will be most terribly missed by many people for many reasons!


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Like so many of you, I just saw this on Facebook and am in total shock. Though we never met, she was always so kind to me. My thoughts are with all of the Ducks, who were her family ..... my heart goes out to all of you.....and to Pucci. We have all lost a valued friend here, but none more than her Flock of the yellow variety! Hugs to all of you.