I'm the bearer of horrible news!


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Oh blessed be! I just read on facebook!John loved her so! Now they can cruise together,she was a lady of the first class,still is,my heart goes out to Pucci,what will he do without his momma,my love and prayers are winging their way to her now,rest in peace sweet lady,God got a special angel,watch over all of us Mary Ann!


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I too am still in a state of shock....my heart is heavy. THe tears have not stopped flowing since I got your call Judi....RIP my good friend.....


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I'm devastated to hear this news. Words cannot express my feelings. I was just thinking about her this morning wondering how rehab was going & thinking how much I've missed her posts & her words from Pucci. My most sincere sympathy to those her were her dearest friends. We are going to miss her so much.


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Just received a msg from Korina with this sad, sad news. I know she will be missed by so many! Rest in peace sweet lady.



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Oh, bOB, I know what you're saying...she had no blood relatives, but she counted many of C@s among her Family.

Again, if anyone has any plans that need to be taken care of immediately, please let me know. Otherwise, the owner of Sea for Sail will be in touch once things calm down.


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Just passing by on my way to bed and had the wind knocked out of me with this and now the tears... what a real shock, never expected. so many dear "friends" we've lost on this board. May she meet them all in heaven and have a heck of a cruise party. Wow.. still trying to absorb this.


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There are SO many things Mary Ann did for people that she didn't want anyone to know about. She was such a kind and generous person, but she didn't want recognition for it. We were her family, and we're devastated to lose her!
Jacquie, it is vary unfortunate that more didn't realize that, yes, we were her family, each and every one of us. She blamed a lot of it on Pucci, but that was just an alter ego for what she really was all about, she loved everything around her, especially the Mutt

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Tears are flowing here also. I was stunned to read about this in Pat's facebook post. Judi and Mal, you have my deepest sympathy. This board will seem very empty without her.


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I am in total shock, and hoping that this is a horrible dream from which I will soon awake. Mary Ann always has a special place in my family's heart. She never missed a birthday or anniversary. Whenever I passed through the Phoenix airport on business trips, she made sure to stop by so we could share hugs and a visit. Her generosity knew no end.

She was, and is, family to us. In fact, she was more supportive than our own blood families were. She got me through Hucc's passing, as well as those of my dear MIL and FIL. She was there every step of the way when PizzaBoy had his surgeries, including a frantic midnight call when we had to return with him to the hospital. She did so much for me. I feel guilty for not sending the duck gift I had found. I was going to send it tomorrow.

Judi, thank you for sharing this news. I know this is extraordinarily difficult for you.

Please, someone wake me up.


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This is a picture that Mary Ann sent to me, of when she was 21 years old. She was beautiful inside and out, and her passing leaves a rip in my heart.



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Last week I got the address of the rehab Mary Ann was at and I started working on a "book" of all the reasons Mary Ann had to get well soon. Of course there was a Pucci page, but the one I did of why she had to get better for the 2013 duck cruise to Hawaii haunts me. I suspect her spirit is there now, with Brucie and Topaz. I finished my last page today.



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I just read the news and the tears are flowing and my heart is breaking. I can't believe this has happened. Mary Ann was such a dear, sweet wonderful person who reached out to so many to help them thru a bad time or to celebrate a wonderful time.

When I had to close my business this past year Mary Ann was so sweet to me and helped me thru a rough time. She made my milestone birthday cruise the most special birthday I have ever had and one I will never forget. Now those memories become all the sweeter, knowing it was the last time I would have her loving care helping us make wonderful memories.

I know she touch the lives of so many. Mary Ann was a dear friend to all of us and to our furbabies. I know it was never spoken on here as far as I remember but she was instrumental helping Conniecat being able to keep Simon and later finding him a home after Conniecat passed.

Somehow I want to do something to remember the life of this remarkable woman who I only knew by phone calls, emails and this board. I never met her in person but I felt her heart all the way here in Illinios. I don't think this board will ever be the same for me again.


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I want to add how sad I am for her family and for Pucci. I can't imagine what a devastating loss this is for you Judi. You were a lucky woman to have such a sister. I wish I could scoop Pucci up and bring him here.


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Something made me check the board tonight, which is very late for me.....

Oh dear, dear Mary Ann....I sat at Mass today thinking of you, and praying for you to get better and back home again. I am just heartbroken, such a loss...

As some of you who were so close to her have said, she helped all of us through our difficult times. She truly was one of God's angels...

When I was going through my surgeries, she called to see how I was doing, and sent such beautiful flowers...the only flowers that I received. She truly had a heart of gold.

Like Marie, now I think about little Pucci....I too, just want to hold him close...



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We are absolutely shocked and saddened. She will truely be miss by all her cruise addicts family
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