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I'm trying to find some vintage candy - wacky wafers

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by Hucc, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    does anybody remember these? does anyone know where one can buy them nowadays? one of my childhood favorites... I remember the 2nd package in the picture below

    could go for a watermelon wacky wafer right now.... thanks :)

    <img src=http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1244/869943447_5915735325.jpg?v=0>
  2. mail-girl

    mail-girl Guest

    I forgot about those! Haven't seen them in years. sometimes stores will have a lot of "vintage" candy for a short time. I'll keep an eye out for them. I liked the banana best!;-)
  3. BostonsJ

    BostonsJ Guest

  4. reggae

    reggae Guest

    We have an old-fashioned candy store in town, I'll check and see if they have them, just by chance. She has all the old favorites.

    Any other requests???
  5. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    ty, reg! :)
  6. megamind

    megamind Guest

    Bad news. This quot from the website.

    "Remember Wacky Wafers! Some people say they were similar to Chewy Sweet Tarts, but not chewy.

    Wacky Wafers were part of the Willy Wonka Candy line available in the U.S. They were shaped about the size of an American half dollar coin and had many flavors. Sold in a clear plastic wrapper, you could see the long strip of multi-colored and flavored wacky wafers inside. Later, they were produced in a smaller version similar to the current Bottle Caps in a box filled with the miniature fruit-flavored snacks. Wacky Wafers have been discontinued as part of the regular product line since Nestle purchased the Willy Wonka brand"

  7. duskbat

    duskbat Guest

  8. RosieRosie

    RosieRosie Guest

    Never heard of them =huh Are they good? We have a popcorn shop in town that sells old fashioned penny candies (for ten or 25 cents) - neccos, slow pokes, bit o'honey, bulls eyes.....
  9. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    I love the old penny candies. But I never had Wackey Wafers. If they were part of the willy Wonka thing they were past my time :lol
  10. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    they were popular in the late 70s and early 80s
  11. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    They seem to be out of production. Here is a site for nostalgic
    candies candykitchen.net We have a store here. It`s on the beach.
    Oh what memories it stirs. I stop by from time to time.They have everything. Check it out.

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