In Memory of Mary Ann (Shipmaven)


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I saw a quote today that I think is appropriate, and I'd like to share:

"Family isn't about whose blood you have in you. It's about those who you LOVE and those who LOVE you."

It is rather apparent that Mary Ann was family to us all . . . .


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It is so amazing that one person could have such an effect on so many people! Many of us never met her in person but she has left so much love and compassion for all of us!



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Thank you for starting this, bOBERT!

Let me tell you why I'll miss my Sis until the day I die:

Even though we weren't "blood" relatives, we were Sisters in every other way. We laughed together and we cried together. I shared my deepest secrets with her. She was my shoulder to lean on when I cried. She was my biggest fan when I tried and succeeded. She was my rock when I tried and fell short. She used to be sooooo busy, and when I'd send a quickie email and say I didn't want to bug her, she would immediately respond, "I always have time for you, Sis." When I didn't call or email, I'd get a reminder, "You're awfully quiet, Sis...what's wrong?" And usually, there was something wrong. She never missed my or Michael's (or Colleen's or Meghan Anne's) Birthdays, our Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc., etc., etc.

Yes, Michael and I will miss you deeply, Sis, and no one will ever fill the void that was left when you entered into your final "cruise." Godspeed.


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Thank you Mary Ann. Sunflower is my Nana Pat and Calgon is my Grandpa. I'm sorry I never met you. My sister and I really liked the cruise to Bermuda. I'm glad I'm a duck. Quack.


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When PizzaBoy won his gold medal in Special Olympics last week, the first person I contacted was Mary Ann. Why not family, you might ask? Well, she is family. Thank you for EVERYTHING, dear friend. xoxo


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When PizzaBoy won his gold medal in Special Olympics last week, the first person I contacted was Mary Ann. Why not family, you might ask? Well, she is family. Thank you for EVERYTHING, dear friend. xoxo
Very sweet Lisa......Shipmaven would be beaming from ear to ear.....well, she is.....just from much farther afar than we'd like.......

Congrats PizzaBoy! Job well done!


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Well you were quiet a lot, every time I talked to her I would ask, "have you heard from Judi" and she would say "Not for a while"...........

Guess we need to talk more now..
Not the other brother... remember Micheal and I are twins, he's just taller

Love you


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I too didn't think that I had any more tears left until I read this thread.
Thank you.... to all. Mary Ann was the most gracious, generous, kind, thoughtful person that I have ever known.
God must have needed her more than us but I do not know why. I will miss you my dear you Mary Ann.


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Thank you, Bob, first for your beautiful tribute to Mary Ann as you started this thread.

I never knew Mary Ann but always saw her handle so I knew she was a regular.

One who touches another's life with love, tenderness, and a caring nature whether as a friend or as a concerned and dedicated travel agent is one who will always be missed. So many of you have met her or known her personally and you are truly blessed. Some of us only know her by her comments here on CA and through her comments we found her to be a very special person.

Pain of the forever absence of her presence here will stay with loyal friends a long time. Her wonderful journey to a better place has just begun. I wish her safe passage into the everloving arms of one who loves her as His own child.

Thank you,

Gloria (grb)


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There have been many wonderful comment on Judi's thread about Mary Ann - Shipmaven - and thank you, each and every one..
She was not our travel agent, she was a part of us, so that thanks comes from our heart.

Sheryl and I have known her for 15 years, she is our family

What many of you may not know is what this lady was really about....

She was caring, she was compassionate, she was giving, she was un-conditional; that is the most important part, there was never a pay back.

You didn't have to ask.... If you were in need, she offered.
There are several members here past and present that have experienced Shipmaven's graciousness in one way or another.

Her life was not about a travel agent taking care of clients, that was a job that kept her busy, it was about people.

This is the most caring, loving person I have ever met in my life and a day will not go by that I don't think about her.

Several have mentioned that the board will be different without her. I disagree, the board will be the same because of her.......

She stepped up to the plate for those she cared about, no questions, no conditions

Some long time members will remember when some sponsors bailed out leaving John holding the bag, without a lot of detail,
the site was down a while because of the issues that followed, Mary Ann called me and asked if it was OK to contact John.
We are still here - Are we not


I humbly ask each of you that have come to know her, when you open the forums, simply say
"thank you"

Added by John,

She more than any other helped keep the wheels turning because she wanted it to never go offline, even for a few days.
She wanted everyone to keep having fun together... because it was something she really enjoyed.

I just saw that you used the pic of Mary Ann I posted. This is when she was 21 years old! She was a beautiful woman and stayed beautiful her entire life.


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I never met Mary Ann personally but she was always kind and thoughtful... I remember a few years back, a small package arrived at our door with a note... “Buried St Joseph and it will help sell your house." No questions... We were very forunate to be among the Bermuda Duck crew on the Veendam, she help Rick make it a very special retirement cruise....


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Mary Ann was beautiful both inside and out. She touched the lives of so many people in such a wonderful and positive way. She will be forever in our hearts.


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She left an impression on everyone she touched, those that did not appreciate or see the value in that touch, did not understand the person that was touching them.