In Memory of Mary Ann (Shipmaven)


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I never met Mary Ann personally but she was always kind and thoughtful... I remember a few years back, a small package arrived at our door with a note... “Buried St Joseph and it will help sell your house." No questions... We were very forunate to be among the Bermuda Duck crew on the Veendam, she help Rick make it a very special retirement cruise....
And you didn't even ask for it, but, you didn't need to. That is what this lady was about. She read between lines, she was a good second guesser, and with no questions asked, no conditions, she just reached out in whatever way she felt she could be of help even if she had never met you.


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This little C@ emoticon is what makes me think of Mary Ann and how she lived her life, it also signifies what she brought to us all, a HUGE ray of happy sunshine. :sunny::sunny::sunny:


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Maybe....God just needed ONE MORE GEM to make his golden chain perfection....and He picked Mary Ann to close the circle and fasten the clasp.


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My one regret in life is going to be that I passed up a chance to have dinner with Mary Ann while spending a night in Phoenix... :(.. Jeanie she also received the same little package with a ststue of St. Joseph in it. Gee I forgot about it until I read your post.


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Thank you Mary Ann for making our last cruise in February so special with all you did for us. It was really the first time we ever spoke, and I was so excited that I had found such a wonderful travel agent and person. I will miss reading your daily cruise addicts posts. You truly were special.

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bOB, you so movingly wrote of the years on board @ddicts, on ship, and on land....

those tributes you started, and those that followed, they resonate with true sincerity and love, because that's what Mary Ann was: generosity and love...she embodied it...and it will shine forth from all out treasured memories, and treasured times with her..

Thank You................................................................................Joanne


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I have been away from the board for a while…and evidently far too long.

I was heartsick when I stopped by the @ddicts site this morning to see this incredibly sad news. Susan was also so sorry to hear of Mary Ann’s passing.

Mary Ann was an indescribably wonderful person to me and to us all. She shared our joys and our sorrows; our accomplishments and our defeats. She shared them all while making us feel special in her own wonderful way.

When Susan brought little Ginny to her forever home almost two years ago, Mary Ann sent a huge squeaky toy all the way to
Carolina . She was just that sweet.

The last e-mail I got from her she was delighting in some of the new things in my life that have been keeping me away from the @ddicts site. She was encouraging me to try and stop by more often. I promise I will.

Sweet dreams, darlin’ Mary Ann. You will always sail on in our hearts.

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I don't come around C@ much but even when I do I've never opened this particular forum. Not sure what drew me here tonight. I am so saddened to read about Mary Ann. She was instrumental last year in helping me plan (just as a fellow C@ member) for my four-week European land/TA cruise. I will miss her!