In my best Boston Accent How R ya?



Hey ya"ll what the heck have you been up to? Let me see, I work, I come home, some days I eat, I talk to Mike and then I sleep. Then I get up and work.................On a much nicer note Mike and I are talking about a more distance wise closer relationship. Now what is half way between Denver and Boston? roflmao I don't want to rush into anything drastic here! Hey I am the eternal single remember? Kidding!!!! Hey what the heck he is a pretty fun cruising partner which tells me he could be a good old age partner too. Of course he is the old part I'm still wayyyyyyy young! And after Valentine's Day at a card shop forget about the hearts and flowers OMG my hands and clothes were stained red from the cards for a week later. But now we are in to my season Easter. You should see all the cute little bunny cards and plush! :grin :grin Gotta stock up for the next cruise.

Edith emails me each night to find out what ladder I might have fallen from or what other dilemma I might have gotten into. Usually I give her a laugh and she encourages me to be careful. Once a Mom always a Mom. Let me see last week I tripped over a cart, fell into a display case with glass cows and mice in it and wiped a few out. Hurt my back the day before I had to shovel two feet of snow. But ya know what? Nothing holds this tough lady down for long.

To the numerous who have asked for Mike and I and so many of the other posters what can I say but Thank You. I read the posts of a couple of nights ago and who woulda thunk that my sewer system failures, plumbing problems and falling off of ladders would make you laugh????? What is more troublesome to me is that you really want to hear more of Mike's Jokes!!!! :lol :lol :lol

I guess we all need a couple of clowns getting themselves into trouble all the time to make our own problems seem smaller huh? I know because it helps me to laugh at myself then the rest is easier.

Other than that I haven't been doing much. Planning a cruise for the fall hopefully or winter. I need to go back to Antigua and Barbados, I really enjoyed it there. Another trip to Denver maybe in April. Have three friends who want to jump on a group cruise if it happens. So that is great!

So tell me what are you up to @ddicts? Are you and your families all well I pray?

Here is hoping your week is a good one and thanks for all the emails. I have to clean my box out soon or this old computer will crash! Kinda like me, as we get older the information just seems to start confusing, the old brain can't hold as much.

Hugs and bestest to all of you. Spring is right around the corner and I have to get Ms. Clean Ali out here to help me do spring cleaning! He he he I'd have to clean first before I let her come out to help me clean!!!!



HI JUDY! It's so good to see your post! Glad to hear you made it through the Valentine season in one piece. Sounds like you had a few close calls! :)

Things here in Georgia are moving right along...trees are starting to show some new buds! My neighbor has three trees, ehich I dont know what they are...but the definetly have a purple tinge to the branches! It was in the low 60's today and I made it out to walk.
According to my map...half way between Boston and Denver is Chicago. But St. Louis is about the same distance. Nice City! :grin

Take care there lady! Post again soon and say HI to 2Tall! :wave


Good to hear from - sounds like you have been busy!! I have missed your posts and I am more of a lurker and question asker! Tell Mike he needs to be posting too.

Hope to read more from you.

Kathy G


:wave Well I thought they might still be trying to find U in that snowbank up there. :lol Now if I could get my daily fill of those LONG Pink Flamingo legs are have U cut his legs off??? :grin



Hi Judy, good to hear from ya. My wife's been doing her level best to destroy our house today, I finally told her to take the rest of the day off - sounds like you and she are kindred spirits.


Hi good to hear from you. We love to hear of your "adventures"....we commiserate well here! :)

Regards to Mike...Maybe he'll pop in soon too. Hope so :)

(Enjoy your Chinese food, Captain)


Judy it is great to hear you are still up to your usual! Thought Valentines might be just a busy time for you. Good to see you are still among us though. Tell Mike I wore the Flamingo pin to work and had to explain it all day. :lol Laurey


Hey there Judy. Well, more than your slap stick falling down antics, I miss the way you tell those stories in such vivid details. I must say though, you had me in tears with that story you shared on Elliott's website about the super hero mode kicking in when we are afraid and need it the most. I've thought about that analogy several times during this past couple weeks myself.

Good to have you back, even your Mom wanted you back here. I kinda figured you wouldn't hold up too long once she got on your case. Thanks Edith.

Mari :cheers


Us laugh at you and your pratfalls? ? ? ? ? YEP! :] I don't know that I have read someone that writes the way you do. :)


I've heard that Boston accent.................there is no "R" in "R"'s "AH"......:grin


Me??? Spring clean??? LOL I don't think so. I'm in the middle of painting the downstairs bathroom, putting up border, taking the medicine cabinet out and putting in a new light fixture. And isn't half way between Boston and Denver...Chicago??


Hey Judy....Why would you want to move to Illinois???? That's the state that looks half way to me. ;) (No offense to those who live in husband is from there and Chicago is a really neat city.) Brighton sounds interesting...but I suppose that might be too close! Hmmmm....what did I hear tend to regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did. Good to see you here again. :grin (Hi Mike!)

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That's right Ali and that is why I may just have to move there. "Ah" not R Chicawwgo is looking good! OK I just thought you are doing such a good job there that maybe.....rofl