Independant tour info....


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We just got back from the ill fated Dawn.
We booked all our own tours in all 5 ports. They were great!
Waiting at the pier with signs.
In Dominican Republic Samana we booked with MS tours to El Limon by horseback a beautiful ride. 55.00 each included lunch and lasted 5 hrs.
In Antigua we booked with Premier tours and toured the whole island making many stops this too was an all day tour for 40.00
Tortols we walked to Speedy`s ferry and took a ferry to Virgin Gorda to the Baths it was awesome! 38.00 included taxi to and from ferry. We spent all day there and at the top of the Baths a breathtaking view at a resturant with a pool.
In Barbados we went to Mt Gay Rum factory and beach 20.00.
In St.Kitts we went with st kitts island paradise tours with Roosevelt. What a wonderful day we had!We went to Brimstone and spent all day touring the island, Roosevelt stop anywhere we wanted and was so knowledgeable That was also 40.00
I highly recommend these tours for those on budgets and want the most of thier day on these islands. If you need more info feel free to e-mail me.