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Independent excursions St Petersburg

Discussion in 'Europe' started by collard, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. collard

    collard Guest

    My husband and I are booked on an RCI cruise to the Baltic's for May/June 2009 we would be interested in booking a two day excursion in St Petersburg, as I have read mixed reviews on the RCI excursions can anyone recommend some reputable independant companies that offer this service?
  2. davejohn

    davejohn Guest

    We just booked with SPB Tours for our August Baltic cruise. They offer several options, at different price levels. Obviously I can't comment on the quality (yet) but they have received good reviews on other cruise sites, and Viktoria is very quick to answer emails. We were able to add an optional canal cruise and visit to a museum and the cost ended up about the same as the ship's tours without those features.

    Several companies that have been recommended before:

    SPB Tours - http://www.spb-tours.com/
    Denrus - http://www.denrus.ru/index.html (they have a value tour if you can't find a group to join)
    Red October - http://www.redoctober.us/
    Alla Tours - http://www.alla-tour.com/
    Anastasia - http://www.anastasiaworld.com/enghtml/index.html

    Check out the websites. Several have message areas where you can try to hook up with others on the same cruise for a better price.
  3. mickhirst

    mickhirst Guest

  4. jfd

    jfd Guest

    we used Alla tours but you have to organize your own group.
    Denrus and red october were also good
  5. CathyP

    CathyP Guest

    My husband and I did the Baltic with Princess a few years ago. In StPet's we arranged a private two day tour with Peter's Walking Tours...it was amazing - cannot say enough good things about them. English speaking and reasonably priced. The only trick is getting out of the port which has limited taxi service and a long - long walk to the main gate (learned that the hard way). Peter and his staff are delightful. Check them out at www.peterswalk.com

    That was one of our favourite cruises...enjoy
  6. sharon333

    sharon333 Active Member

    Thanks for all the great links. I really like the pics too.

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