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Infinity - First time!

Gramma Ann

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Can you guys tell me, is there a charge for using the Thallassotherapy pool? Or is it like the solarium on RCLL? I see that it is in the "spa" area, but never use any spa stuff, don't know if they will even let me in the doors.:cool: I've tried to use the treadmill etc on RCL, but they always seem full, and I don't know the proper etiquette anyway. I just do a lot of walking.


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No charge for the T-pool on the Infinity. There was such an online revolt a few years back when they tried to instigate one that the changed their minds.
It is a very nice area when the weather is cooler. It's a big warm pool inside and has the very best neck fixer uppers in the world on it 4 corners. Very strong flows of water from huge pipes. I dream of beinging my favorite corner often. Along the sides are form fitting (literary license used here) rows of stainless steel pipes. If you are mobile enough you can toss yourself up on them and lie away the miles getting slowly massaged from bubbles from under neat. Very tricky in rough water but when rougher is easier to use the slosh back and forth to get ones butt up and over into the "Form fitting area" (You have to be there lol)
There are two hot tubs also in this area. There are changing area's also nearby with showers.
Inside the "Spa" area (which is nearby) you get your treatments
There is also the exercise area with your awaiting treadmill forward with the best seaview on the ship although the fake grass out there is looking a wee bit dreary.

When do you go.?? Infinity is currently our favorite ship =X= having done away with the smaller Zenith/ :(