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Infinity Oct 20

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by MissyLou, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. MissyLou

    MissyLou Guest

    Anyone else on this cruise???????????????????
  2. debi

    debi Guest

    yes....my husband and i are....this will be our 4th cruise....can't wait!!
  3. MissyLou

    MissyLou Guest

    Hi Debi: Glad to know someone else is going. We are very excited too. This will be our first 14 day cruise. Have never sailed on Celebrity but I have read so many good things and that the Infinity is beautiful.

    We are mid 50's and bringing a 10 year old grandson with us.

    Do you have any idea what time we can board the ship since the sailing time is 8PM?
  4. debi

    debi Guest

    my husband is mid 50's, i'm late 40's. we have sailed Celebrity twice, once to Alaska - Galaxy, and once to the Caribbean - Horizon. These were 7 and 11 day cruises, respectively. Last year went on a New England/Canada cruise w/RCCL, 10 day cruise. So far we prefer Celebrity although the RCCL Grandeaur of the Seas was a very nice ship and would sail with them again. We really enjoy the sea days so this should be a great, relaxing cruise.
    To answer your question about boarding...i would imagine that we would be able to board in the afternoon. to be honest, i didn't realize that it left that late, not that that makes any difference. We live in Virigina and have never been to San Diego before so will take some time to do some sightseeing before sailing.
  5. MissyLou

    MissyLou Guest

    Debi: We are arriving a day early so we will have time to see San Diego and get to the ship on time. Staying at Holiday Inn on the Bay, right across the street from the cruise terminal. Glad to know you like Celebrity so well.

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