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Inside Passage Zuiderdam Excursions



I am leaving soon for my first Alaskan cruise. I am getting very excited =docdance

I have booked the following excursions through Holland America, if anyone has any feedback or suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Juneau: Alaska Whales & Rainforest Trails
Skagway: Whitepass Summit Scenic Railway
Ketchican: Bearing Sea Crab Fishermans Tour

Any suggestions on clothing? I have been reading about how warm it has been lately in Alaska, so I am not certain what all I should pack. I guess a bit of everything =COOL

Thanks in advance for your help. I will post a review upon my return.



Well the train ride at Skagway was a favorite of mine. Not sure about your trip but if it is one that goes up and comes back.... a little tip would be sit on the right hand side going up. At the top the seats flip over and those on the inside move to the outside for the return trip and it's a much better view going down. Easier to see stuff. Of course if it's a one way try to site on the left going up.

Clothing for the northern mid coast does not change. It may be warm and it might not be. The trick is layers. We get by with a inner t shirt, a light sweater or sweatshirt and a water proof outer light shell. Depending on your internal heater just make the sweater heavier. Coldest I've ever been is Ottawa so you should be fine.... :D