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Inside scoop...Miracle info via your staff

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by miraclegirl, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. miraclegirl

    miraclegirl Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Just thought I would post here also. I am a current employee on the Carnival Miracle and love this ship. I would be happy to help anyone with inquiries or questions they may have. Feel free to post me anytime.
  2. Donnask8pro

    Donnask8pro Guest

    Hi, I would love to ask questions. I read on these posts something about kids not being allowed in certain pools? Is that true? I am assuming there is an adult pool only? Also what deck is Nick and Nora's on? Is that where I make reservations as soon as I board? Or in the atrium as soon as we get on? What bars have happy hour and when do they start? Certain days or everyday? I'd ask more but I would make you crazy.. Thank you very much!
  3. ahoys

    ahoys Guest

    I just got back from the Miracle on Sunday, and I loved it!! I noticed that all of the staff and crew were in good moods, very professional and seemed to enjoy being there. When I left the Fantasy in May I swore I would never cruise Carnival again because of the unhappy and rude crew members. It seemed on that cruise that everyone hated being there. I'm glad I gave the Miracle a try. I just wondered what causes such a big difference? Why is the Miracle so happy?
  4. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I would like to know if formal nights are still on Monday and Friday nights since they moved to Tampa.
  5. kernfam01

    kernfam01 Guest

    I have heard on some ships there is a door that is unmarked that people have stumbled upon that goes onto a deck/balcony that usually there is no one else on. Is there one on the Miracle, and if so, where.

    Also, are there any good tips and/or secrets not to be missed on this ship? Thanks!
  6. gram

    gram Guest

    :wave :wave :wave

    Hi miraclegirl

    Was on the Miracle in May and truly loved it (My first Carnival cruise and won't be my last) I found that the staff all seemed to really enjoyed their jobs. It was great to be on board with a happy crew. The attitude of staff reflecks to the customers. Hope to sail on the Miracle again.

    Tell your fellow staffers thank you for a great cruise they had given me.
  7. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Hullo sweety.. we're ready for your answers!! :grin
  8. miraclegirl

    miraclegirl Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Lets see where shall I start.
    First of all thanks for all the positive comments. The crew and staff work really hard on this ship, and we do get to play too so thats why we always have a smile on our faces!
    I used to work on the Fantasy, actually the same time around May. Everyone was so down because its the same ports 3 and 4 days. Also, 3 and 4 days are sooo much work. The only time we really get off was in Nassau and so everyone tried to enjoy it but had a long working sea day the next day, so everyone was a bit winded.
    For the miracle, we have great ports, good time off, and the passengers have been excellent, so we have all been vibing off of eachother which has been great!

    For the ship details:
    There is a pool and hot tub at the back of the ship on lido deck that is Adults only and opened later then the other pools.

    Nick and Noras is amazing and is on deck 10 at the top of the ship. It is my FAVOURITE, extremely elegant, amazing food, excellent service and live music. You can book as soon as you get on board. You can ask the pursers but I believe you can contact the hostess at the number 0770.

    I will have to double check about happy hour for you. There is a drink special every single day though. Keep your cup for the refills.

    We have an expo at 7:30pm till 8:30 pm with all the concessions in the atrium, so if you want to learn about any services or book for any spa treatments etc, here is the place to do it. You can check it out after your early dinner seating in the dining room or before your late seating.

    The spa is a must see. It is really amazing and the girls are fantastic. I suggest aromaspa / massages / and ionithermie (detox)..

    Formal night is still Mondays and Fridays. They do two amazing dance shows: Generations and Ticket To Ride. Ticket to Ride is a Beatles tribute and a lot of fun.

    That secret door you stumble upon leads you out to the crew deck. Its their fault mainly for putting it in passenger areas on the spirit class. You may need a WIZARD to find it but just don't get caught by security.

    Tips for the ship. Check out the cross promotions. Most departments cross promo with eachother so you can get major discounts this way.

    Some fun things to check out: Karaokee in the Mad Hadders lounge / Frankie and Johnnies (the band there is so much fun) / Frankensteins disco has a great DJ who spins lots of mix between dance, hip hop, and fun music / Cigar bar for jazz and classical / Fly on hypnotist show and juggling shows

    When I think of some more things I will let you all know!
  9. Donnask8pro

    Donnask8pro Guest

    Thanks great job. Still waiting on the happy hour, but. cross promotions? What does that mean? I appreciate you taking time out to help all of us. O, BTW, Drink of the day, cheaper if I use the souvenier glass everytime? thanks again Ü
  10. robcool

    robcool Guest

    Thanks for the great info! Can't wait to sail!
  11. miraclegirl

    miraclegirl Guest

    Yes the drinks are usually cheaper if you use the same cup. Still working on those happy hours. There are so many. Let me email the manager and see what he says.
  12. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    The same cup being the soverneir cup?? I have never had a cheaper drink by just turning in my glass. THe soverneir cup is like 2 bucks more then getting a regular drink. It also holds more.

    examle is the drink of the day is 3.00 in a regular plastic cup 8oz compared to the drink of the day in a refill glass which is 14 oz and cost 4.50. (prices are guestimates)
  13. Donnask8pro

    Donnask8pro Guest

    Let's hope we get an answer. I thought that I had read somewhere to keep using the sov. cup
  14. miraclegirl

    miraclegirl Guest

    So I found out...the refill is 2.95 with the souveneir cup. So that sounds like a deal to me.
    So you have to pay more to get the cup in the first place but then its cheaper to use it.
    Also you can always buy the buckets of beer which are supposed to be cheaper also.
    Its all about grabbing the deals

    When I mentioned about cross promotions....what I meant was that for instance:
    you buy an internet time plan you can get $25 off of selected spa items
    so basically its a linked deal between departments. These will help you save lots of $$$$

    Hope this helps a bit!
  15. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Thank you for all of the information MG! I enjoyed reading your posts! I hope to one day sail on CM as I love the Spirit class vessels. They are just my favorite. Hey if you check my list below, I've sailed on Carnival Legend twice, and that wasn't by accident!

    I must tell you though, I've seen many shows about the detox procedure, and from what i gather, it's a lot of hoo-ey. But from your personal experiences, have you heard for yourself of anyone who has actually, physically lost weight?
  16. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I would like to know if the Miracle stayed on ships time or did they change the clocks when they got to Belieze or Grand Cozumel.
    I know that the Miracle is following the Paradise ports and the paradise pushed the clocks back for that time.
  17. miraclegirl

    miraclegirl Guest

    Hello again..

    Okay first off. About detox. There have been a lot of crew who have done this (since some of us start getting a bit pudgy if you know what I mean). Apparently it does help to improve your system. It does increase circulation and speed up metabolism. But you do have to follow it properly. You have to eat right and workout because your body will continue to get clogged up if you continue to, lets say, eat burgers every day. But it does help for sure, you are improving internally which eventually gets your system to help you externally.
    I used to do Ionithermie in the spa, which is the treatment they hook you up to the machine. This really does a good job. My skin looked a lot better (and it was softer) , my cellulite was reduced, and every time I got off I looked skinnier. I also felt better, I was flushing out lots of toxins and had energy (ew god I sound like a steiner...they would laugh right now if they heard me) but anyways for real it did work for me. I am not sure how much use it is in one shot, I am sure it helps, but if you do it a couple of times it definetly works. I think you can buy those algae capsules, the algae is what actually breaks down the toxins and then you just need to drink lots of water to flush them out of your circulatory system.

    Now, for ship times. The Miracle does stay on ships time the whole time. You don't have to change your watch or anything. I think this is up to the Captain and thats what we did last cruise. :)

    Hope this helps :)
  18. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Yes it certainly does help. Thank you again MG! It's nice you check in to talk to us as much as you can. By the way.. what's your Job on board?
  19. nglenden

    nglenden Guest

    Does the refill for drink of the day include those without alcohol. We have a 16 yearold who would love to try some of these frozen slush treats.
  20. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    The non alcohic drinks are $1 dollar cheaper. If you buy the soverenier glass, yes he can get refills. for 3.50 each. THe alcohol ones costs 4.50

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