Inspiration 10/13/02



I'm leaving this Sunday (happy dance!) ... travelling with my husband, my dad & his wife & her mother. We're driving to N.O. and wonder how parking at the port is ...

Also, we have one person in a wheelchair ... any thoughts on how she'll do for shore excursions? We're not thinking anything exciting here, just getting her of the ship and shopping or on a brief ride around an island.

This is only our second cruise, and it's my 75 y.o. dad's first. He's quite excited about it all! It will be fun to see him experience this.

Anyone recently returned with news about how Lili left things on Jamaica?



MommaC, suggest you read my review of the Inspiration 11/25/01 sailing on this board. As I mentioned there, the parking lot at the pier fills up rapidly, so if you want to get a space, you need to get there early; I'd say 11 to 12 noon if possible. Shore excursions should not be a problem in Jamaica or Cozumel as these are docking ports. Might be a problem in Grand Cayman as this is a tender port.


We went on this cruise last year for our honeymoon. The parking at the pier does fill up quickly. The lines for embarkation are long. I suggest you get there about 11, that way you will have plenty of time to check in and get lunch before the life boat drill. They stop serving at 4pm that day if memory serves me correct, and they do not start serving again until the ship sets sail.

You will have a nice time. There should not be any problems with the member of your party in a wheelchair, except maybe when you come to Grand Cayman Island. You have to take a boat from the ship to get on the island because the island is too small for the ship to dock.