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Internet Access During Cruise?



Rather than get away from the internet while travelling, I like to stay near it. What kind of email and web access is there during a Seattle-Seward cruise?

I checked the Blackberry 2-way pager web site, and their coverage seems to be almost non-existent along the way.
Some cruise ships offer computer rooms, but the cost of something like 75 cents per minute ($45/hr) eliminates casual web surfing for me.

Are there other options?
Do American cell phones work anywhere along this route?

Thank you!


We have used our cell phone while in the major ports without problem. Also most ships have satellite internet connection but at a high price. The major ports have internet cafes that are reasonable close to the piers.

Sea Turtle

What are your ports of call? I used internet access on land in Skagway & Seward, and I spotted an internet cafe in Ketchikan but had no need to use it so can't speak for the service there. Actually, I can't think of any port of call on your Seattle-Seward itinerary that will not have some kind of shore-side internet access. And, some ships offer internet packages that reduce that $.75. Some lines even offer free internet to their 'premium' customers or so I've heard.

Juneau has a good cellular network.

And, austex, I'm betting if you've never cruised Alaska you won't give a second thought to the internet nor your cell phone!!! ;)

Enjoy your journey!!


We in Alaska are actually very high-tech. If I remember right our computers per capita even exceeds that of California.


On the cruise that we were on (Star Princess in August); Internet Access was $.35 a minute. We had talked about using the Internet Cafes on shore, but decided to just use the Internet on the boat so we could see more things when we were in port. Even if the cost is more, I recommend using the Internet on the ship, and seeing the sights in the ports.