Interview the person below you (Board Game) :)



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i like them both:))))))i dont dress up much but wife loves to see me decked out,so i like both:))))
of all the itiniaries whick is your favorite?


We have enjoyed each of our cruises: Eastern and Western Caribbean. However, we live in a big city and shopping is not why we vacation. In the Eastern Caribbean the stress was on shopping and we sought out historical, cultural, etc sites. Therefore, we have enjoyed the Western Caribbean the most with its excellent Mayan ruins. Visiting historical sites outside of the US is great, no problems with ropes to keep you away. In Belize we climbed to the top of the pyramid on steps and ledges that would not pass US muster. What a thrill. But again, love any of our cruises.

What of cruising in Europe, do you truly get a feel for the counrty if you are on board at night and not walking the cities, eating in local restaurants, etc?

Voyager - Christmas 2004 (Grand Cayman, Jamaica)
Zaandam - Christmas 2003 (St. Marteen, Tortola)
Norwegian Sea - Christmas 2002 (Belize, Cozumel)
Monarch - Christmas 2001 (Cozumel, Costa Maya)
Color Festivale - Summer 2001 (Oslo to Denmark)


We have found that we can absorb enough "flavor" to decide whether or not we place the city on our "want to come back here" list. So far the "let's come back" list is WAY ahead of the "once is enough"!

Do You Find Yourself Setting a Routine when on the Ship? (We love the Viking Crown Lounge late afternoon when It's deserted.)