Is a stern cabin better or worse than a side cabin


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I've just booked on Solstice at the end of the month, We booked a C2 but got allocated a C1 , I guess thats an upgrade ? but the cabin we've been given is at the stern, rear facing . We've always had side cabins in the past and enjoyed the view forwards when entering port , so not sure if this is a good upgrade. Can anyone tell me is this better or worse than a side cabin ? should we ask to be moved ?


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I am not terribly experienced in this area, but our travel agent loves the rooms off the back of the ship and on our last cruise our friends had a room on the back and it was nice, we spent a lot of time on their balcony.

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We've had several side facing verandahs and three aft facing. Both are great, and there are advantages to each.

I'm wondering if you've cruised before? Because if you are (like me) are one of those passengers who just love watching the wake of the ship, then you will just love that aft cabin. I can't tell you the hours we've spent standing at the aft railings just watching. It's mesmerizing.

And the view from the aft can't be beat. You can see, port, starboard and aft. Really nice when you are in port. If you're on the side of the ship, one side or the other will have a better view. I'm always a bit disappointed if I'm on the side of the ship with the lesser view. Facing the island is not always better, and neither is facing away. There's no telling ahead which will be better.

The other plus is that some aft facing cabins have larger verandas (depending on the class of ship) than the side facing ones of the same category. Some are very much larger.

One advantage of the side facing cabins is the peacefulness. The engines and wake at the aft of the ship have a bit of noise. I think its kind of thrilling, but I also like the peace and serenity of just watching the water go by, from my mid-side veranda . And when the arthritis in my feet and hips is acting up, that lwalk to the far aft, can be long. At those times it's nice to step out my door and have the elevator only one or two cabins away.

I guess I'm not being much help with your choice.

Heck, side or aft, it's a veranda. It's all good.
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the cabins will be very similar. The veranda's may be a bit smaller depending on which aft they put you in. (but only inches)

The big difference will be your location. It's a long way back to the back if that is an issue with anyones mobility.

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