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Is cruise insurance worth it?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jilllenae, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. jilllenae

    jilllenae Guest

    I was just wondering if it is worth to pay the extra money and get the cruise ship insurance or do people just pay for it for peace of mind and then when it comes time to use it, it really is impossible to make a claim anyway.
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    You have to evaluate your own risks and you willingness to accept that risk. For example, if you are driving to a port in California, and plan to arrive three days early (pre-cruise vacation) to take an April cruise, you might not want the insurance. However, if you are flying to a Florida port, on the day the ship leaves (not recommended, but many people still do this) to take a Caribbean cruise in August, you might want the insurance. You have to evaluate what the risks are and your willingness/ability to accept/handle the risk. It could mean you spent $3,000 on a cruise you just missed. Or it might cost you an extra $1000 to catch up with the ship two days later, or it might only cost you $200 to catch up with the ship the next morning (for some ships the first port of call is Key West).

    There are other ways to avoid risk besides insurance. For example, you can buy refundable plane tickets. They cost more than the insurance would, but then you get to fly first class. You can plan to arrive at the port one, two or three days early (pre-cruise vacation) and plan to leave two or three days later (post-cruise vacation). People have missed their flight home because the ship was late (medical emergency, mechanical problems ...).

    Insurance also covers you if you arrive at the port in Florida and your luggage arrives at the port in California. Of course, if you were planning to buy clothing on the trip, this might not be a big deal. Insurance also covers you if you get sick. Again, maybe your medical plan does also.

    In short, insurance is something you buy, hoping you will never use it. And, insurance is something you don't need until you need it, then you wish you had it.

    If you take several trips, you can take the money you would have put into insurance and put it into your own insurance fund. Then when you incur extra cost that would have been covered by insurance, you take money out of the fund.

    You have to do your own cost benefit analysis and then decide.
  3. Irish Girl

    Irish Girl Guest

    I have had to use my insurance twice when cruising. Both times were delays coming back from the cruise. The first time, we were fogged out of Tampa Bay for 8 hours causing everyone to miss their flights. Insurance covered the cost of the hotel, food, and rebooking fee.

    The second time, I was delayed coming back home due to a complete shutdown of Cincinnati airport because of tornadoes. Then the next day, they were unable to fly us back to our original departure city so we had to fly into another city and rent a car. Insurance covered the hotel, food, and rental car.

    Insurance is not just for medical emergencies, claims are easy as long as you follow the directions, and get all the documents you need from the airline to prove any cancellations. I never travel without it now.
  4. jilllenae

    jilllenae Guest

    I still have one question. If I book the airfare on my own and not through Carnival and the ship gets back late and I miss my flight will the insurance for the cruise cover rebooking my flight or do you have to have airfare through the cruise line to cover this?
  5. Irish Girl

    Irish Girl Guest

    Your insurance should cover it. Mine did and I always book my own airfare.
  6. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    Cruizer got it right. There is no "right" answer and what is best for one person may not be best for another. All travel insurance policies are not identical, so make sure to carefully read the terms to truly understand the coverage before you commit.

  7. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Heres another question about it,,, i always have enough money for the cruise, and money for during the cruise, very rarely do my husband and i have Extra money sitting in our checking account as we live paycheck to paycheck like most people,,, credit cards are usually maxed ... if you take out trip insurance, and something happens do you have to pay for the extra exspenses up front and get reimbursed, or do you just call the trip insurance company and they take care of it for you right then and there,,, i would never have the extra 1000 to catch up to a port, so im just wondering how this works..??
  8. Irish Girl

    Irish Girl Guest

    I'm not sure how it works in a medical emergency. But I always carry my policy with me when I travel so I know what to do if anything happens. So, read your policy when you get it. Some require you to phone them within 24 hours of the problem occurring.

    When I was delayed mid trip, I read my policy and it said I needed a written letter from the airline stating that my flight had been delayed. I immediately went to the information desk and asked for something to give the insurance company. I was given a military excuse and it was accepted by the insurance company. If I hadn't gotten this before I left the airport, I probably would have had a difficult time getting one after the fact.

    So, it is imperative you have your insurance pollicy with you and if you have an emergency, read the policy to see what to do to make a claim.
  9. jleq1

    jleq1 Guest

    Gemerally, you pay--get reimbursed. Insurance covers both "cruise air"/air you book yourself. When you order from http://insuremytrip.com/ [the two dozen policies there are generally cheaper/more comprehensive than CCL's] rhey'll ask you how long your vqcation is. Put down the entire time from when you leave your house/return to it.
  10. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    Good questions Melissa, thanks for asking it. I have wondered the same thing. We have not taken out the insurance on either of our cruises but I always wonder if we should and now we are going to be locking in another next month. My husband and I are in the same boat as you. We don't have extra money in the checking acct, at least not enought that it would cover hotel, airfare, rental car etc., everything you would need if something went wrong. Now I'm really up in the air. I'm guessing it would not be worth it in my cases because I would not have all of the cash needed to pay for all of these things up front and then would also be out the money spend on the insurance. However...we are very careful to make sure we fly out a day in advance, have our hotel taken care of and all of the money we are going to spend on the ship and in port. I guess we'd better make double sure everything is taken care of in advance...I hope I didn't just jinx us by saying that. Eeeek!
  11. Cherilo

    Cherilo Guest

    We always get Insurance through TravelGuard(hope thats allowed to name the company) We insure our whole trip from airfare to hotel to cruise. My DH lost his wedding ring once on a cruise and all we had to do was show them proof of what it cost, and they reimbursed us quickly. We also do it within 7 days of booking to cover pre-existing medical conditions. For the medical, our insurance will not cover anything out of the country so it's better for us to buy it. Other than the wedding ring, we have never needed it but IMHO if we don't get it, that's when we will need it.
  12. ch12

    ch12 Guest

    I also use TravelGuard. On my last cruise, security (lol) stole my digital camera. It was not in my carry on when we got on board. TravelGuard paid on my claim immediately. More than paid for my insurance.
  13. Kathy2182

    Kathy2182 Guest

    We also use TravelGuard and it really isn't that expensive. I'd rather spend the money on insurance just to be safe. One less thing you have to worry about. You're protected if something unfortunate does happen...
  14. cfarley

    cfarley Guest

    How did you purchase Travelguard. I looked it up on the net, seems pretty cheap compared to CCL. It's only about 200 bucks for my family of 8, cruise only. When is the last day you can get the insurance? I would like to get it, but not before I make my final payment.


  15. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    I think you have to buy it before you make your final payment, or you will not get trip cancellation coverage.
  16. Kathy2182

    Kathy2182 Guest

    Our travel agent provided us with a TravelGuard brochure and, if I remember correctly, you can purchase the insurance anytime you want. Let me try to find the brochure and get back to you. It is definitely cheaper than Carnival's insurance and we've never had any problems with it. We are planning on using it again on our next cruise.
  17. pamurchu

    pamurchu Guest

    This response does not deal exclusively with cruise insurance but travel insurance in general. Several years ago on one of our trips to Ireland I just felt the need to take out travel insurance--never had before, or even thought about it. So we did purchase it for the first time. On the third day of our drive and stop vacation we called home, which was rare for us, and I was told that my father, who had been in good health, had passed away. After the shock wore off, we managed to get back home (airlines did the best they could to put us on standby and then on flights), albeit two days later. When the shock wore off, we realized that the travel insurance we had purchased was valid, and some of the trip money was refunded. Wow it's been a while since I have talked about this.

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