Is Kiefer the only dog that does this?



He's so different than any other dog I've ever had. Don't know if it's the breed(s)(Pitt/Irish Terrier/Chihuahua) or because he's our first male dog, but he does such funny things!

-- After a bath, he always gets towel dried. BUT he also always immediately runs to something upholstered, and rubs all over it. The carpet, an old blanket, the futon, anything! He contorts his body into different shapes to rub each part of it against the fabric. Funny to watch!

-- Any kind of chewable treat shaped like a bone fires up this hiding instinct. He always buries his "bones" in the sofa! In between the cushions, under a throw pillow, or between the sections of the sofa, he gently but very determinedly "buries" his bone. After I dig it up, he'll devour it, but first it has to be buried!

-- He does not gulp down his food! He eats some now, some later. Don't dogs usually eat so much so fast they can blow up their stomachs? LOL!

Does your dog do the same things?


We have a cream colored lab named Molly and when she's wet she loves to dry off on the couch *yuck*.

She also eats in stages. Never in one sitting.

She only has one chew toy... "Mr. Toy" which she loves.
She Will always jump on the bed when we're ready to go to sleep with "Mr. Toy" and will show him to us.


My dogs loved to dry off on my furniture, too. And except for the chihuahua, I had BIG dogs. I think it actually was revenge for the bath.

They never buried their toys, tho.

And, my dogs always inhaled the food in one gulp. I found a wire in a bag of dry dog food one time, can't remember the brand, but I wrote them a nasty letter telling them they could have killed my dog because he did just inhale his food. They sent me a case of canned food in apology.

Gayle V

That's better than what my friend's springer spaniel does. He likes to wipe his droopy jowls on the front of the sofa after eating. Yuk !

Our Sheltie used to pick up a mouthful of her dry dog food, and carry the pieces to the nearest carpet and drop them. Then she'd leisurely eat the pieces one by one. They must taste better when eaten off of carpet =huh

All of our dogs have just eaten when the mood strikes, not all at once. We give them dry food, and it sits there, sometimes all day, till they decide to eat. I sometimes think they're just holding out for something better. :grin


Ha ha, Gayle, I know Kiefer does sometimes. I often will mix a few tablespoons of wet food with his dry dog food, or mix part of a hard boiled egg in his dry food. He'll often walk over and look at the bowl, and if there are no mix-in's, he'll just walk away. BUT, often when I mix food in, he'll still only eat a bit, and walk away. I guess it's mood dependant!


Rylee only eats a little at a time as well. Immediately after a bath, even though toweled dry, will run (and I mean RUN) around the house a bit and rub against legs, couch, table, etc. We get a good laugh out of it. She doesn't bury her chewy treats. Gnaws on them a bit and when the mood strikes, she finishes them.


Funny to read these, I have a cat and don't know the first thing of what you are talking about, but its still very funny! I actually want a puppy/dog, but DH doesn't want to be heartbroken by having to send a dog furbaby to the Rainbow bridge. Just too hard on him, he's had to do that before and I understand. BUT, the love these furbabies give is so great, how can you NOT, adopt one????? Sigh, dogs make it harder for us to cruise, cats are easier, but still.......doggies are so animated and fun to play with, watch, feed, cuddle etc....



It's an honor to share a life with a dog. He loves you in a different way than cats do. And sending them on to the Rainbow Bridge is difficult on our hearts, but spending a lifetime with them is so worth it.


The dogs I've had over the yrs, both male & female, have always rubbed their wet fur on the sofa, carpet, etc. We also had 1 dog that would carry a bite of food out to a throw rug the livingroom to eat then back to the kitchen for another bite & so on until he was full. I have 1 now that will only eat if I'm sitting at the kitchen table--he insists on eating at my feet. This is also the dog that only sleeps curled up next to my lower back but at least he is only a 6 lb Yorkie!


:lol The dogs of our world are divided between the working dogs(Maremmas)
and the {retired} show dogs Hungarian Vizslas.

If you wash any of the Maremmas, they leave your company and find mud anywhere to have a good big roll. Then when all muddy, they come over to
you. Do the Shake,Rattle,Rock & Roll and share the mud.

The Vizslas are only given 20 minutes to eat their meal. If not eaten
their bowl gets taken away. The problem is that Big Boy is a counter
surfer..... he goes into the kitchen without making any sound and sees
what might be on offer.

Luckily one of the parrots always yells out to tell me! Such fun. Love
my babies.:loveya


Yep,wet puppy means it is time to RUN and dive into anything upholstered. I have to keep them inside or they will do it in the garden, then I will have 2 little mud dogs. Lucky for me that they are short coated and dry fast. I just stick them in a portacrib.