Is RCI worth the extra money over Carnival?



I am going on my maiden cruise 5/3 on Monarch. A few have frightened me on the size of the rooms. Is it true that you cannot walk without bumping your shins?


I wouldn't go that far :lol but they are a bit crowded! Having the beds apart as twin beds makes the room a bit easier to navigate, and you use the beds as sofas. The bathrooms are another story. Hope you REALLY like your shower curtain :lol You will have a great time. You will be out and about most of the time,and you will be having too much fun to care about the cabin. Have a great cruise :dance :dance

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just got done reading a post over on CC. Seems this gentleman and his wife are planning a cruise on carnivor. They are tattoo "artists" for a living. They figured out that there is no international law regarding tattoos (under 18) and were asking about bringing their tattoe equipment with them to make "extra" money while on their carnivor cruise.

It is only one instance....but now you know why i call it carnivor cruise lines.


And the funniest thing about that thread on CC is that it turns out they are really going on an RCI cruise...Voyager of the Seas to be exact :D

I really enjoy RCI, but I've never cruised Carnival. Honestly, I probably won't, either. It's not because of anything other than I'm happy with RCI. I changed cruise lines once, to cruise Galaxy on Celebrity, and unlike a lot of other people, I didn't enjoy myself nearly as much. I attribute that to the fact that at the time, I was fairly young (I was 27 at the time, I believe), and my husband and I still enjoyed nightlife, although even then we both enjoyed the "finer things in life". I also didn't think the food was that great. Not to mean that it wasn't good, of course it was, but I didn't think it was quite the "gourmet" that everyone talks about on the cruise boards. Not that RCI is any better, it isn't...but then I don't expect it to be. In any case, we went back to RCI after that, and we loved our cruise on Grandeur, and so until something changes and we no longer care for RCI...or want to try something different, I just don't think we'd switch.

I guess I'm betting that by the time I'm ready to try something different, I'll be wanting more luxury and less noise. Perhaps HAL will be for me!


I've been on RCI, Celebrity, Costa, Princess and Carnival and for me I can go on Carnival if somebody pay it for me. The last cruise on Carnival was on the Destiny and on 17 cruises I've been this ship was the worst. I recommend you RCI and Celebrity if you want a great cruise and a great treatment.



Cruised Carnival last August and was very disappointed. I felt it was everything second class from food to entertainment. The most striking thing was that the ship did not look or feel clean to me. I was on the fantasy, and I have been on other older ships, but this was a huge downside for me. So much so that I am leaving in 10 days for another cruise, and its RCI. I hear so many people are happier with them, I am giving it a try. Whatever you decide, enjoy!


We are going to find out in June about RCI, We have cruised on Carnival, and we had a good time. Would we go again? Probably not. We liked Princess and I think we will Love RCI. So after June we will know for sure what line will be next. Or should I say which lines we will "Stick" with.... :)


I have cruised both lines four times each. Enjoyed them all and consider them to be on a par with one another. As for price, sometime Carnival is cheaper, sometime RCCI is cheaper. Since I consider all other things to be equal, price and, or possibly itinerary would be the determining factor for me. Now, if you want a real quality cruise, book one of them "dam" ships owned by Holland America Lines.