***Is The Pizza Free???***



I have to agree, the Pizza on Carnival ship FAR surpases the "pizza" on RCCL. What is with RCCL pizza anyway, is it frozen? The veggies are fresh, and every time I had a slice on Conquest it was really fresh, he was always cutting it. I did have some of the pizzas that were in the display cases when we first arrived on the ship, it was with a specialty cheese that I don't remember. I do rememeber prefering the normal pieces over the displayed. :) Nan



Every single carnival cruise I have been on has had free pizza as well as free room service...... Any other questions let me know....What ship will you be on and when??? I Am going on t he paradise on may 2, 2004......and my pizza best be free! lol


From what I saw, the pizza crust is frozen, but the toppings are fresh. Absolutely love Carnival pizza!


We spent 5 weeks in NY last summer... man did we have withdrawals when we got home... a Italian man from Rays in NYC told me the difference is the dough.... its sweeter (IMO) ... we have a place in our town called "STELLAS" its a version of a NY eatery & for being 1300 miles from NYC... it'll do in a pinch !

Anyway... we will gladly SAMPLE lots of pizza onboard ... lol

Hope we can get cheese pie only as my son is a die hard vegetarian ! If meat touched it, he wont eat it....

Happy travels to you & yours !! Eat lotza pizza pie !



steph_texas: I sometimes suffer from EOA (early onset Alzheimer's) :) so I could be wrong here, but I *think* I remember cheese pizza being one of the choices on the Celebration last month.

I personally sampled the pizza 3 times during a 5 day cruise~~ Guess I must have liked it!! (mostly the goat cheese/mushroom kind & kids mostly got plain ole' pepperoni). 2 of 3 times he served mine from the case, 1 of the 3 times he had none of the type I wanted ready, but asked if I wanted him to make one, of course I said "yes" thinking how fresh this one would be! Only took about 6-8 minutes (as previous poster said) for one to come out of the oven. Caesar salad was good BUT one time they had greek salads at the place they normally had caesar salads at---now that was DELICIOUS!!!! I only wished I had "stumbled" upon those another time. If you see those, I recommend trying them out.

And here's a great tip for embarkation day on the Celebration:
If you board with the main crunch of people as we did and want to go to lunch right away, don't go in the front way to the Wheelhouse Grill/buffet. We waited SO LONG in lines that barely moved here for what turned out to be a pretty blah buffet (hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries). THEN we found out you can come in from the back of the Wheelhouse and go directly to the pizza stand, the salad stand, and a dessert/fresh fruit stand with almost NO waiting at all!!!! AND you are not "cutting in line" so you offend no one and still teach your kids the right things! Wonder if this is true of other Carnival ships?