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Is there a shuttle bus at the port of St. Petersburg?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by flvaca, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. flvaca

    flvaca Guest

    Hi: some one knows is there a shuttle bus to the city? we are not taking cruise excursion some ideas how to get to St. Petersburg?
    Grandeur of the Seas july 6-17
  2. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    When we were there the summer before last on the Crown Princess, there was NO shuttle bus...

    The problem with St. Petersburg is that you need to have a visa to leave the ship...
    When you take the ship's shore excursions, they have a "group visa"...
    But, if you go on your own or if you take a privately arranged tour, you MUST have arranged for a visa...

    Because of this, it seemed most cruisers went with the ship shore excursions...
    Those who didn't, generally went with private operators who picked them up AT THE dock...

    So, unlike other ports where everyone was free to just wander off on their own, there was little need for the ship to provide shuttle buses...
  3. flvaca

    flvaca Guest

    thank you for your information, we already have our Russian visas, maybe we will take a taxi to get to the city and start our own tour, did you see many taxis at the port?
  4. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    I seem to remember seeing a couple...but I don't know if they were somehow prearranged...The port, at least the location where we were docked, seemed somewhat remote...we wound our way out through an industrial area with every excursion...

    You may want to consider locating a driver via the internet--someone who speaks English...unless your Russki is "harasho"...

    How are you planning on getting around St. Petersburg once you taxi into town? It's a pretty large city and some of the sites are widespread, even outside of town--like the Peterhof, which I think is a "don't miss"...
  5. flvaca

    flvaca Guest

    First day we are taking the hop on hop off bus tour that takes you to the most important parts of the city in the afternoon we will take a little boat to the canals taking it from naveski, little of shopping in this street and back to the ship by taxi.

    Second day we are taking the hydrofoil outside the Hermitage Museum to Peterhof.
    I got all this information from internet, I have been doing homework!
    I would like your opinion.
    greetings from Monterrey Mexico
  6. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    Sounds great...and sounds like you've thought it out...
    As long as you get to the Hermitage and to the Peterhof you're doing fine...and arriving at the Peterhof by hydrofoil sounds better than the bus...

    You'll also probably get a far more inside view of life in Russia than those of us who were insulated by the ship's tours...

    Good luck...
  7. infoman

    infoman Guest

    Just back from St. P - and there is neither shuttle bus nor taxis at pier which is an unpleasant 30 minute walk from the dock gate (and only for those with individual visas). If you have not pre-arranged a taxi, take the ship's cruises - or a bodyguard for the dark walk home along the dock!
  8. cannonball

    cannonball Guest

    What company was the hop-on-hop-off bus with and how did that go?
  9. ocean.queen

    ocean.queen Guest

    We were in St Petersburg in August and there is no shuttle to get you from the pier to any part of town. It will be a very long walk through a huge commercial port, security gate, and "interesting" neigborhood. I do not recall seeing any taxis waiting for possible fares in the am. I only saw the 'private car tours' dropping off passengers at the pier at the end of the day. I would definitely arrange for a car & ENGLISH speaking driver in advance. One couple ventured out on their own and had communication problems with taxi drivers and felt they were extremely overcharged and were driven in circles.
    I do know that security was very tight due to a few muggings on a previous cruise. My husband asked our tour guide about the men in camouflage uniforms at Peterof Palace and she told us that Princess had hired them to watch over us at various spots (Peterof Palace, Cathrines Palace, the Metro & some shopping spots) which made me appreciate Princess even more. Watch your valubles...the people of St Petersburg are wonderful but the Gypsies will get you!!..the little kids are the worst...especially at shopping spots.
    Its a fabulous city...wonderful, proud people...delicious food and amazing architecture. You'll love it!
  10. flvaca

    flvaca Guest


    We had a wonderful cruise to the Baltic and when we visited St. Petersburg we did it all by ourself, no problem at all, we never found the hop on hop off tour bus,but we took taxis that are in the pier and we visit all the churches, monuments and the peterhof too, it was a great experience.
  11. Hi
    Please, Please elaborate, a lot of what I've read says its real hard to get a taxi in town that's allowed to enter the port and take you back to the ship. And I really don't want a long dark walk through an industrial area. Did you pre-aggrange your cab, or just happen to find one that could get into the port? Was the hydrofoil to Perterhof easy to do? Did you have major language or sign problems? We love to get out and rub elbows with the locals, and have done many cities on our own (like Jerusalem and Cairo) which others wouldn't do, and we have never had any problems, but English was widely spoken and/or understood in these places. You see some real St. Pete horror stories. I need encouragement.
  12. edwardv

    edwardv Guest

    There are two cruise ship ports in St. P. One, the original is for smaller ships and, when we were there, had plenty of taxis because it was also the dock for the ferries. The other dock, which I haven't been to, just seen from a distance is way out in the dockyards.
  13. cannonball

    cannonball Guest

    Just curious, which ship were you on that docked at the closer dock?
  14. edwardv

    edwardv Guest

    Hi Cannonball,

    We were on the Vistafjord, now the Caronia (which we are taking to St. Pete. in July!)
  15. pennybob

    pennybob Guest

    edwarv: My husband and I are booked on a Silverseas cruise to St. Petersburg in July and we are really getting a run-around about doing shore excursions on our own. Do you happen to know where the Silverseas cruise line docks in St. Petersburg?



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