Isla Margarita?



I'll be going to this island on my 3/10 Dawn Princess cruise and I'm not sure which shore excursion to do. From what I've read though, it is not very easy to get around so a shore excursion is best. Has anyone been here and what would you do if you were to go back again?

Thank you!


We were on the Dawn in March 2001 and visited this port. There is a small beach close by that you can use and also some vendors selling things. We took a bus to town for $10 RT and had an OK time shopping. However, if I were to go again, I would look at the shore excursions. This was one of my least favorite ports but I heard a few people say that they had fun on the ship tours. Sorry I don't have more specifics.


Yea I've been there. We took a 45 minute ride in a unairconditioned, 2 windows wouldn't roll down 65 Chevy, and it was 92 Degrees. The beach was beautiful partially nude, high surf, and I lost my drivers license, my only picture ID, try to fly home without government issued Picture ID. The beach near the ship is garbage. YEA I've been to Margarita Isle WHAT ELSE DO YA WANNA KNOW. STAY ON BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yea the cab driver said no speaka Engless. We were expecting him to turn up a side road, and introduce us to a bunch of bandits, and lights out.
I just can't figure out why Cruise ships actually stop there. Celebrity doesn't anymore!!


Cannonball, I was there on the Ocean Princess a couple of years ago, or maybe a little less. I would take a ships tour there. Some people don't like it, some think it's ok. To each his own. It is a very big island . Some parts are dry, scrubby, etc. Some parts more tropical.
We took a ships tour which we thought was ok. Princess has them listed. Pick one out that interests you and go for it.
Sounds like "hooked" got hooked on "saving " a few bucks by doing his own thing.
( A 65 chevy with no a/c) oh well.

The tour we were on had a very knowledgeable guide, was a nice a/c bus.
I can't imagine traveling to see things , places and people I can't see at home, then complaining because it wasn't perfect. I have been on some tours I liked better than others, but that's all part of it.
Don't go there and stay on the ship. Get out and see something. If you like it, great. If not, then you will have had the experience anyway, right?
Happy sails.


We were on the Dawn Princess and stopped here 2 1/2 years ago. We booked an excursion thru the ship. I can't exactly remember the name of the excursion (possibly "4 Wheel Safari") but you're taken around on the lesser inhabited portion of the island. The vehicles were open back Land Rovers where the "touristas" sat on benches or chairs. A bit wild and bumpy but we liked it fine. Had an hour stop at a beach for swimming/sunbathing, a stop where wooden fishing boats (quite large) were being handmade, some offroad 4-wheeling to a very remote beach and a quick break there. Then it was 4 Land Rovers racing each other back to the original starting point. Complimentary soft drinks. beer or alcoholic punch were readily available throughout the tour. Guides drank but not the drivers - thank It was quite different and I guess that's why we enjoyed it. Very desolate areas but also a real look at the countryside and small fishing villages along the way.


Well Frito I wasn't trying to save a few bucks. Taking a taxi to the beach and back was $65 for 2 people. There was actually 2 couples so it cost us $130 bucks. I guess if I went to that island again I would definately take an excursion. But I don't think I'll ever book a cruise that stops there. I am usually a positive person. This is the exception for me.


Thanks for the input people - we will be traveling there on our Nov. 30th Dawn Princess Cruise, and because we didn't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere by ourselves, we've booked a ship's tour to The Dune's Beach Hotel and Resort there. We figured an afternoon at a nice resort, with lunch and drinks included, on a supposedly nice beach, would be a good way to spend our day there. Hope we're right!

If anyone's been there, let me know how it was.

Thanks, Terry