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Island Music/Cruise Songs List



Hey Addicts

I am trying to compile a list of songs, with an island theme. So lets here everyones favorite island songs/ cruise songs. The more the better!!!!!!!!!!! I need a huge list it will be my background music for my wedding in the BAHAMAS!!!!!! We are cruising on the Fascination and then getting married on the beach

I will start the list off
Artist Song
Jimmy Buffett, Lovely Cruise
Steel Pulse, Your House
Bellamy Brothers, Almost Jamaica
Tracy Byrd, How'd I wind up in Jamaica
Island Music, Come to the Bahamas


T-Spoon - I Wanna have Sex on the Beach

Seems appropriate and its a Gr8 song also. :grin



One of my favs is a song by Jay Ferguson called Thunder Island, a minor hit from the late '70's. Not many people know it but it is a great tune.


Beach Boys;
Sloop John B

Harry Belafonte;
Island In The Sun
Jamaica Farewell
Kingston Market
Cocoanut Woman

Billy Ocean;
Caribbean queen


Thanks Rubysky!!!!!!!! Those are some good ones I for got about. KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Love, Three Little Birds, Jammin ; Bob Marley
Cup of Life ; Ricky Martin, that one sounds corny, but it's a good island party song.


Some Kenny Chesney;
No shoes No shirt No problems.
When the sun goes down

Any Jimmy Buffet songs Margaritaville.
I know this post is old but who couldnt use some good cruise tunes? :beach: i was actually looking for some song and stumbled on this and felt i could add some to this list. Im sure theres TONS more now since this post is from 2006 :biggrin:

bob marley - dont worry be happy
kenny chesney - guitars and tiki bars
garth - two pina coladas
Zac brown band - toes
Zac brown Bad - knee deep
Zac brown band - (a personal favorite :)) Where the boat leaves from


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Yup, a six year old thread and still going strong. Here's my playlist. Every day of every cruise. (in this order)

Son of a Sailor
Thunder island
One Particular Harbor
Don't Worry Be Happy
Sloop John B
Hot Hot Hot
Cocoanut Telegraph
Cowboy In The Jungle
Red Red Wine
A Pirate Looks at 40
Southern Cross
American Dream
Sea Cruiise
Banana Boat Song
The Captain & The Kid
Sail on Sailor
Changes in Lattitudes
Havana Daydreamin'
Limbo Rock
Somewhere Upon the Sea
Boat Drinks
One Love
Lovely Cruise

I've added some more since this list. The most recent? Knee Deep! I love that song!

great list! I was looking for a good list to put together and possibly burn on a cd :) I had more song but most of them were on previous suggestions already. bob marley is always a great choice :doubleup:


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My list took two CD's.

Gonna revise it one of these days on my iPod.

Geez I remember records, cassettes & 8-Tracks.

Ain't technology grand?
good to know. I was debating either cds or an ipod to bring on the ship (with speakers) to play on my balcony sail away day. Ipod may be easier.

Technology is pretty grand but can sometimes be a bigger pain than the older stuff :biggrin:


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Okay...anything by Jimmy Buffett or by Bob Marley is EASY...
But I'll add some to the list no one's thought about...but some great music here by some great artists:

Black Diamond Bay -- Bob Dylan (Dylan weaves a tale of espionage and intrigue on a sinking tropical island..."As the last ship sails and the moon fades away...from Black Diamond Bay")
Vahevela -- Loggins and Messina ("I'm thinking about when I was a sailor...Spent my time on the open seas")
Louie, Louie -- The Kingsmen (ah yes, a classic rock version of a Jamaican sailors' song: "Three nights and days I sail the sea
Think of girl, constantly")
The Hula Hula Boys -- Warren Zevon (I've got to include Zevon somewhere...and it was this one or "Lawyers, Guns and Money"...this one is just a riot: "I saw her leave the luau...With the one who parked the cars...And the fat one from the swimming pool...They were swaying arm in arm")