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Island Village in Ocho Rios

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Sea Nanna, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Sea Nanna

    Sea Nanna Guest

    Anyone taken this excursion? It says they have a beach there. Is the water good for snorkeling or just swimming?
  2. Nanette

    Nanette Guest

    Hi there....

    You sure don't need an "excursion". It's right at the pier! Just walk through the "gauntlet" of cabdrivers/tour guides and it's on your right. You'll be able to see it from your ship.

    Alot of cute shops, anchored by Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Decent beach. Fun time. We spent the entire day there.

    Margaritaville has a water slide with a swim-up bar. Big fun.
  3. debbi

    debbi Guest

    I will have to agree with Nanette, we had a great time there. the shops are great and the jewelry stores were throwing good deals around in July. Margerittaville is great, great marerittas and the swim up pool is great. You won't regret going. Just a 5 minute walk from the ships.
  4. Sea Nanna

    Sea Nanna Guest

    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to being there! Sounds like a fun and relaxing time!

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