Jamaica is not that bad



My husband and I have been on a cruise to Jamaica several times and enjoyed each and every one.We even took my daughter and grandaughter who was 3-1/2 at the time.We to were approached by the vendors at the top of the falls and other places.We just kept saying no thank you or simply NO when the no thank you did not work. we stayed together and we were fine never scared.We took taxi's that were recommended by the cruise line and all was fine.We will be back in Jamaica this Sept. and plan on going to a Sandels resort to spend the day , we have heard this is a fun thing to do and since we have been several times and done alot of the tours and the shopping we just want a day at the beach kind of day.
Tamarah,I hope you really enjoy your cruise and your time home in Jamaica.It truly is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

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I did say that we DID have fun, I dont want to scare anyone, I just think if you know what to expect you'll have a better time.I am pretty bold person and I was intimidated by the vendors. just be safe, be cautious,explore and have fun carefully.


Hi Laurie:

I has a blast in Jamaica. My boyfriend went with me and that was his first trip to Jamaica (he is American). He fell in love with Jamaica and totally loved it. He loved it better than Cayman Islands, Mexico and Labadee. I booked with Peat Taylor...He was great. He wants to book our next vacation there....

My cruise experience was definitely AMAZING. Royal Caribben is a class act and I cant wait to cruise again.


Jamaica is not bad at all.
After reading the travel books....after being scared by the meeting on the ship, I thought twice about even going into port. But I did and I'm glad... The people were really nice. I asked the taxi driver where he would go for lunch and he sent me to this great place where the waiter was so nice and the cook even came out to talk to us. As for the pushy vendors... I had three words to say and they got the hint I was'nt interested. I nicely said "Not today man" It was like magic; they understood that phrase. Just be polite and treat people with respect. They're just doing their job, trying to make a living. My business partner and I joked how we would like them to work in our store...Sales would go through the roof!!!!!