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Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by jero20, May 25, 2004.

  1. jero20

    jero20 Guest

    Can I use jeans in the main dinning rooms for dinner. They are not torn jeans, they are new jeans, can I use them?
  2. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Sorry no jeans are allowed in the main dining room. If you really want to wear jeans you can go to the Horizon court for a casual dinner or order room service from the main dining room menu and have it delivered to your cabin.
  3. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    =yeah..Princess is FIRM..they will ask you to leave the main Dining Room and I have seen it done..they are STRICT on their requirements..Dockers/Dress pants are required..:)..happy cruising..Joanne
  4. geejay

    geejay Guest

    DH always wears jeans and boots and a western shirt. That is dressed up for him except for formal night. He has never been asked to leave the dining room and we have been on 11 Princess cruises.
    And please, no criticism. He is a grown man, I cannot dress him. It isn't worth a fight, and he looks just fine. I am just answering the question!
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Hey geejay..:wave..hope your b-day went nice..Glad your DH was not asked to leave....just been our experience each cruise people got turned away and asked to leave each cruise, with the jeans thing in the Main Dining Room...MEN,they sure are hard to train!!..:grin..saving your fights to make them count.;).(very clever woman!!)...hope your luck holds on the jeans..take care..Joanne
  6. jero20

    jero20 Guest

    Well, thaks for answering. I will buy some dockers, thens to be sure. Oh by the way, im sailing nex saturday on Caribbean Princess.
  7. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    jero20.Have a wonderful cruise =bigwave..hope the "Caribbean Princess" has a special extra great sailing for you..we =love Princess and cannot wait till our next sailing in February..Take care..Enjoy all the special things Princess does and if you can afford to do a "Ghost Booking"...(special Princess deals offered on board the ship towards a next booking) ..go for it...:cheers..Joanne.
  8. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    same on grand in dec,, no prob with jeans then... and we were never looked at funny either :)
  9. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I too have seen jeans in the dining room on casual night! That being said, I think you will be much more comfortable if you go ahead and "buy some dockers"! You don't say what area you will be cruising but if it's the Caribbean remember that it's a bit warm and humid there for heavy garments. :grin
  10. jero20

    jero20 Guest

    I know how the weather is in teh caribbean, i live in PR, but Caribbean Princess is my first cruise.
  11. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    jero....a few pair of dockers and a few collared polo-type shirts should do the trick! My boyfriend took three pair of dockers and wore a couple of them twice to save room (and $$).
  12. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I guess you do know about Caribbean weather :grin!! Lizardstew gives good advice...maximize the number of tops, minimize the number to bottoms :)

    Have fun on your first cruise! Beware though, cruising is addicting!
  13. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    I've done Princess, and have never seen them turn away jeans in the dining room.

    <font color=blue>from Princess website....Shorts, cut-off T-shirts, "torn" jeans and bare feet are not permitted in the dining room. </font>

    Post Edited (05-26-04 08:22)
  14. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Joanne...............what is ghost booking? Again all new to princess and cruising.

    Thank You,
  15. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Hey Ter:wave.."ghost booking" is when you are on board ship and their "On Board" cruise specialist offers a chance to either hand pick a future sailing that is specific, or "open booking"as in not sure which ship or sailing..Now it's a $$$ paid at that time on a credit card $100.00 per person as in 2 per room minimum..BUT you had at the time I did it on My Coral Princess sailing -18 months to call and declare your sailing and then 2 years to sail for the deposit..which is held with Princess till you transfer it to any travel agent you choose..so last August we booked our Back to Back Golden Princess sailing,we actually had till this November to declare a booking but we book 18 months ahead for best ship deals,also hand pick my cabin..:grin..we are fussy on where we want to be..now the best thing about the "ghost booking" is they also give you a room credit on that sailing..inside room $50.00 per person.,outside $75.00, etc..so you also can cancel the booking at any time and it is fully refundable..just a way for Princess to build "comeback business" and give extra goodies..it is a deal not to be missed..:grin.and if you want you can even do multiple "ghost booking offers" if you think you'd sail Princess more than 2x in the 4 year time limit and other Princess coupon offers CAN be attached or your own TA.extra goodies..:grin..after your first Princess sailing you get a 4x a year magazine..(Captains Circle) that also assigns you a "Captains Circle " # and all kinds of extra reductions to come sail with them again..that's why we keep with Princess..love their ships and their continued deals..=love..Have fun..anything that gives me extra $$ for my cruises works for us.:lol..Check it out on board!!..:wave Joanne
  16. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Hucc is right.... its only says that "torn" jeans are not allowed in the dining room. That wording has changed, it used to read "jeans"... period. Guess its always a smart thing to check the details of each cruise line before you go, as they differ sometimes in these areas.
  17. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Joanne.............Now that sounds wonderful. I`ve only sailed with HAL and of course as I said before wasn`t real happy. You are given a special number with HAL but, you don`t recieve any extras. We are confirmed for a mini-suite on Carribean Princess both hub and I smoke.............we don`t like smoking inside that goes for home too. On HAL we had a suite........no extras given there. I hope that we enjoy this line. I know that we would like to sail at least once a year. Do you know anything about the suites and locations? We are in Cabin D322.

    Thank You,

    P.S. Where do all the smily faces and things come from? It`s very interesting
  18. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Ter,sent you an e-mail..plus if you want fast links check main forum for today and yesterday date and links for emoticons..Smileys and a GIF..to choose too..:grin..good luck..Joanne
  19. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    It's confession time: =blush I let my son wear new, dark blue jeans on the first night of our cruise last month in the dining room. Yes, we had our luggage, so I can't use that excuse. The only excuse that I had was that I didn't want to buy him another pair of pants! He wore slacks and a tux for the other nights, but I figured 1 night, the first night, wouldn't be too bad as long as he had a nice shirt on with them. The waiters, head waiters and tablemates never said a thing and frankly, I don't think they even noticed. =huh
  20. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    Over past two years I have been on the Star, Golden, Grand, Diamond and Dawn. I have worn jeans to the dining room every night except formal nights. Never a word said. I make sure I wear newer dark blue levi's that are not washed out. A polo or collared shirt, the staff won't say a thing.....they want your return business.


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