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Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by jero20, May 25, 2004.

  1. luv2cruise99

    luv2cruise99 Guest

    As some have already pointed out, the Princess guidelines does not say that jeans are prohibited from the dining room. Only "torn" jeans are prohibited.

    I always wear new jeans with a nice blouse on non-formal nights and have never had a problem. I have seen people wearing badly torn jeans turned away, so apparently Princess does make that distinction and does enforce the "torn" jeans prohibition.

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  2. jero20

    jero20 Guest

    I didn't have any problem with jeans last week in Caribbean Princess, the first nights you don't see that many people in jeans, but the las three nights almos anyone who is 15-35 years of age wear jeans. I also saw some old people in shorts with a nice shirt in the main dinning room at night. I believe the Host of the dinning room said something to them about the shorts but they got in anyway.
  3. fig414

    fig414 Guest

    Did you wear jeans on formal nights?

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