Jet engines on the Coral Princess???



I'm sure most everyone has seen them either in person or in pictures, and some of you who have cruised on her may know, but what exactly are those "jet engine" looking things on either side of the funnel on Coral Princess???

I watched her come into port on Oct. 31 as we were waiting to debark the Star Princess, and I got a pretty good view of them there, but not close enough to tell. While waiting to board our flight home, we talked to these two guys who had just got back from the Panama Canal cruise aboard the Coral, but they didn't know what they were. They didn't seem very technically inclined, so I asked them, and they replied: "Oh, those airplane thingies? We don't have a clue!!!"

Anyway, if someone knows, please tell me!!! Thanks!

Cruise cutie

they are on it just for looks..Pretty cool huh??..we were on the 4th sailing of the Coral Princess last year and she is a fine looking ship..sorry to tell.... the officers told us they do not function ...they just look awesome and do not add to the cruise travel engines use at all..=shrug..The Island Princess has the same make and look as they are sisters..:thumb..:)..Joanne


The two phony jet engines up on the funnels of those ships were part of the design scheme intended to convey the message of modern jet technology that is incorporated out of sight on those ships. There really is a "jet" engine up there, but there's only one not two, and it's under the funnel out of site, not stuck to the side of it. There is a very large gas turbine engine in the space directly under the funnel...that's why that space is completely closed off. The turbine generates a third of the electricity for the ship. ...and the engineers seem to like it because it gets it up out of the engine room and gives them more space down there.