Jewel of the seas vs. Adventure of the seas - stabilizers/movement



Looking at the 8 night eastern carrib or 7 night southern with Aruba. It's so hard to choose. Would like to go in Feb or March. I'd love to go on a brand new ship and I'd also like to go to Aruba.

Worried about the stabilizers on the Jewel......are they equipped the same as the voyager class. We felt little or no movement on Nav this past August.


Anyone who's been on either ship recently....comments, recommendations?


I just returned from the AOS and it was very stable we even did close to 23 knots (we had a medical emergency on board the required a meet up with the Coast Guard Helicopters) even at that speed we were pretty stable.



For some time you will be in a totally different world called the maritime world. Your ship is just that. A Ship. Your ship is nothing but a tiny insignificant spec on an ocean. Whatever the ocean wants to do with your cruise ship, there's nothing on God's green earth anyone can do about it.

I'm just keeping things real here for you. Do not expect to get on board a marine vessel and expect this vessel not to move.

I don't mean this to sound derogatory, but don't' kid yourself if you think your ship will be stable as if in an automobile, parked, with the engine off.

Rocking, is from port to starboard, and pitching is from bow to stern.

A ship's stabilizers will only SLIGHTLY reduce the rocking. They will do nothing for the pitching. If you suspect you are subject to motion sickness, take your medication three hours before your ship sets sail. Motion sickness is more easily prevented than it is to get rid of. Also, try and book your cabin towards the middle of the ship. This helps as well too.

Now quit your worring about stabilizer, shmablilzers and moving and rocking and this and that. My October cruise onboard Golden Princess wouldn't stop rocking for two days and I never slept so darn good in my own bed!!! Go out there an enjoy yourselves!!!! :thumb