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Jewel questions

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by querido, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. querido

    querido Active Member

    Hello I will be traveling on the Jewel Jan 31, and had some questions:

    1. I understand there is a fee for wireless internet, but it was unclear if you use an Ethernet cable in your room, if that was free.

    2. Are there fridges in the room?

    3. Is there an iron in the room?

    4. If you buy alcohol in a port, are you allowed to bring it into your cabin?

    5. I understand alcohol and soft drinks are not included, but what about bottled water. Do you have to pay for water throughout the ship?

    6. Any other tips (especially those that are not advertised - and that will help a budget minded passenger like me :) )

    Thanks in Advance
  2. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    1-can't answer about the net, we go on vacation and try to stay away from our computers. Try, I said...

    2-yes there are small fridges in the cabins

    3- for fire hazard reasons no cruise lines allow irons in the cabins.

    4-No, you can not bring liquor back to drink in your cabin. You can not do this on any line. They will keep it for you until you are ready to get off the ship at the end of the cruise.

    5-Yes, you can bring on all the bottled water you want. We usually just bring a couple of bottles and then re-fill. The water on board is very good and it saves all that extra bulk. make sure when you are in the dining room and they ask if you want bottled or reg water, you say regular. They will charge for the bottled..

    Any other hints: do your own shore excursions unless time is of the essence.
    Stay away from the casino if you want to save money: too bad I don't practice what I preach.

    Don't feel any pressure to buy the overpriced pictures or anything else for that matter. What you spend other than the $12 per day, per person tips is up to you.

    Hope this helps some

  3. Cruizer

    Cruizer Well-Known Member

    1) There is a charge for ANY Internet use on board the ship, unless you have some way of connecting with a satellite yourself (some people do have this ability). It does not matter if it is wireless, cable, your computer or the ship's computer. The cost is the same regardless.

    That said, when I was on the NCL Star (a sister ship) I was in a normal balcony cabin, but I did not use the Internet. When I was on the NCL Jade (another sister ship) I did use a cable to connect to the Internet in my cabin. However, I was in a suite. I don't know if the normal cabins have that option.

    2) Yes, you can see it in the photo below (this is from the Star) ...


    3) No. It is considered a fire hazard. No cruise line will allow you to have an iron in your cabin.

    4) No, the ship will hold your purchase until the last night. That applies to bottles you buy on board also.

    5) You have to pay extra for bottled water also. However, the tap water is filtered and is very good. Just add ice (which is also free).

    6) The biggest difference between NCL and other lines is Freestyle Dining. Learn which restaurants are free (included) and which cost extra. There should be at least four free restaurants:

    ...The two main restaurants.
    ...The buffet.
    ...What I call sit down fast food. I am not sure what it is called on the Jewel, but it serves the hamburgers, hot dogs, fries ...

    If you want to eat in the main restaurants, learn when they are least crowded. Otherwise there may be a short wait. Just after the first show ends is one time when the restaurants get very crowded. Just wait about 15 - 20 minutes and the lines will go down. Also, there may be a time (usually very early or very late) when most of the extra cost restaurants are half price. It will be listed in the Freestyle Daily (the ship's newspaper which you will find on your bed every evening). On my second cruise I either ate for free or half price, except at Teppanyaki, which never reduced its price.

    You can make reservations for the all of the restaurants except the four listed above. When you can make those reservations depends on your cabin category (the more you pay for your cabin the earlier you can make your reservation). The Italian restaurant was very popular on both of my cruises, but then it was also free. I believe they charge extra now. Teppanyaki is also very popular. I don't believe you will have a problem making reservations at any of the other restaurants. You don't have to make reservations. I was a walk up several times and was seated right-a-way (your experience may vary). Reservations at Teppanyaki is a must.

    Learn to "work the system" to your advantage (as I did) and you will have a much more enjoyable dining experience.
  4. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    Actually with the new ticket to dine program if one chooses it, you can make reservations before you cruise. At least that is my understanding and I think the program is going fleet wide, but am not sure it has yet.


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