jk and sk need prayers from everyone


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Janice's daughter was admitted to the hospital this afternoon for treatment of an abscess requiring IV antibiotics. She has had ongoing problems with MRSA, the antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus organism. He father died from it, so she's terribly worried. There's more though in this note from her:

I just talked to my mom and found out that they found a lump on my aunt's breast (her sister) and she went for a biopsy yesterday. She had breast cancer 14 years ago and only had to have radiation at the time. This is the other breast...my uncle, her husband has a tumor on his kidney plus heart problems. They found the tumor when he was in the hospital for heart surgery last year and a few days ago my uncle fell and they were going Thursday for a scan on his kidney as they know that it is getting bigger.....my mom has not heard at all from my aunt. She tried calling today to tell her that we would not be at Passover services on Monday and she was not answering her phone.......I just lost it. I am sitting here thinking about my dad and how he passed away from a stupid MRSA infection, and now my aunt and uncle and on top of all of this my mom's live in boyfriend is having knee replacement surgery Tuesday afternoon. Could you please add everyone to your prayer list. I do not know what in the heck is happening around here.....


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Oh my gosh, that's a lot on the plate for one family to handle. Prayers, many heartfelt prayers for all those loved ones. Thank you for letting us know.


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Thank you for sharing this horrible news, Jacquie. As Glo said, that's an awful lot for one family to have to bear. Please know that they are in my prayers.

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Many many prayers from here so much to have to deal with. Hopefully the IV antibiotics will take care of the abscess, the knee surgery will go great and thing will turn out OK with everything else. Susan


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Sending our best wishes that all turns around for JK & SK's family. This is a lot for one family to handle, and we hope for the best for everyone.


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Oh my what a burden this all must be for poor Janice to bear. My thoughts and prayers are with them all and will continue so. Please keep us posted.


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Oh, just stop in to check in on my cruise addict friends while I can see a little. I am so sorry to read this. My prayers are with you


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This is terrible news to read. jk and sk and especially their daughter are in my prayers.

Prayers also for good outcomes in the other family matters. It is an awful lot for one person to have on their plate at one time. Hugs to Janice.