jk and sk update


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Janice called to say that Emily's doctors seem to have a difference of opinion of what's going on. A surgeon says that she will need surgery either tonight or in the morning (Monday) to clean and debride the abscess site and says it doesn't look like MRSA. The infectious disease specialist is certain it is MRSA. A culture was taken Saturday at Janice's insistance, so they should have results Monday morning. One of the antibiotics is giving her problems, so they're going to try another. The family is quite frustrated, as anyone would expect. Janice said to please thank everyone for their prayers, and to please keep them coming.


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Sheesh.....I wish this sounded more positive. I hate it when the people who are supposed to know ....don't! It's frustrating, frightening and not fun at all. Hugs to jk and sk and prayers that Emily gets well really soon!! I'm sending boatloads of prayers!


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I know how frustrating it can be when drs don't agree. This is a very scary situation. I'm so glad she insisted on a culture. Positive thoughts that the drs will come together & correctly diagnose this so that she is soon on the road to recovery.


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Prayers continue for Emily and the whole family...how very frustrating for them. Thanks for the update Jacquie.

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Thoughts and prayers with the whole family - it is so frustrating when the people you need to trust act like they don't know what is going on! Hope they all find a quick and good solutions soon!