JK & SK Update 4/18/11


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Just got off the phone with Janice - things are looking up.

Their daughter Emily did have surgery last night, and her problem was confirmed as MRSA. The area was cleaned up, Emily is feeling well, and they're awaiting the Infectious Disease doctor to come and hopefully discharge Emily. She will be treated with antibiotics. Again, hopefully, what she is taking WILL treat the MRSA and keep it at bay.

The news is also good about Janice's relatives (kidney stone, not tumor) and the Aunt won't need a checkup for another 4 months.

Janice thanks you for your prayers and concern.


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Oh thank heavens! They needed some good news, and it seems they got a lot of it! Very happy to hear this.


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Thanks, Shipmaven. It is great to hear the update. I am thankful that a diagnosis has been made for Emily so they know the correct antibiotic to give to her.

Good news on the aunt and uncle, too.



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What a relief they found out what is wrong and have her on the right treatment. Glad they got other good news too with the Aunt.