John(nj) 2/15/11-update


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Since the beginning of the year, he has suffered 2 strokes (if not more) leaving him paralyzed on his left side. :( He also got diagnosed with the high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stage 2 diabetes. Early on he was in and out of the hospital.

He was transferred to a rehab facility only to be rushed back to the hospital yesterday. He is dehydrated as he is having difficulty swallowing. After a round with the crash cart, he is currently in ICU.

This is just the short version on what John and Susie have been going through since the beginning of the year.

1/23/11-He is out of ICU, still on a feeding tube. He still has a long way to go. :(

11/28/11-After a gazillion steps backwards, John is finally taking a few baby steps forward.

1/29/11 He was transferred to the rehab place last night.

2/7/11 John is taking baby steps forward. He is eating and doing his rehab.

2/9/11 John is the king of the mountain. He was able to stand today for 3 minutes. Tomorrow he is attempting 5 minutes.

2/15/11 John continues to take baby steps forward. He is able to finally eat real food, (which is making him happy). He is also actively participating in rehab and doing well. He still tires very easy. He sounded more coherent today than in the past.



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Re: John(nj)

Suer - We are so sorry to hear this sad, sad news and tears are welling up in our eyes. We've only met them the one time, but what a Great couple they are. We both enjoyed being with John on the Mosaic.

We send John our very best healing thoughts, and prayers that he will be okay. And we send our best to Susie, along with tight-tight (((HUGS))).

Thank you for letting us know, we know what good friend you all are and send our best to you both to help you through this tough time as well.


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Re: John(nj)

Oh Suer, I'am so sorry to read this awful news. I always enjoyed being with John & Susie. They are such a wonderful.
Prayers & good thoughts are on the way for the both of them.
Thank-you for letting us know & please keep us updated.
Huggs for Susie.


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Re: John(nj)

So sad, and my thoughts are with John, Susie, and their family. John is such a sweet guy -- I've had the pleasure of seeing him several times in AC. It sounds like he's getting excellent care. Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers.


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Re: John(nj)


Suer, I am really sorry to hear about John. I know that you and Warren are very close to him & Susie. Joe & I thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Please keep us updated.



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Re: John(nj)

So sorry to read this...I only know John and Susie from the board, but send prayers and hugs for John and all of his family.


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Re: John(nj)

Sure hope they get his vitals under control and get him on the road to long term recovery. The family will remain in our prayers.


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Re: John(nj)

OH no, I am so sorry to read that John has been going through so much....and poor Susie must be besides herself. Please let them know that they are in my prayers. I hope he is on the road to recovery very soon. Please keep us posted Suer.


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Re: John(nj)

Oh, such sad news. Prayers he can pull around, and improve. Prayers too for Susie, for the strength she needs to help them both through this.