John(nj) update 6/3/11


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John is progressing. He is showing movement in his leg leg and left fingers. He escaped last weekend to enjoy a day at their summer place. Susie is now more involved with his PT.

ok folks, with ShipMaven home, lets keep the good news going. I am sure we can all use some.

Cruise cutie

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:clap:Suer I am *SO THRILLED* to have this post too..I do love you...:)
you are the best....and please tell John and the Missus we send our continued thoughts and prayers....:)..Joanne and Mark


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Way to go, John!! Keep up the good work, we know it is a haul for you, but the end of the ride will be sweet!! :doubleup:


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Wonderful news Suer!!!
Glad John got to escape for a bit.
Keep up the hard work it will pay off in the end.
Payers continue


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I am so pleased to come home and read this news! Congratulations John on every one of those small victories! Each one brings you closer to winning!!!