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Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by ROSS, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN...Johnie Rocketts is now charging $3.95 per burger. They kids were coming in and being rowdy and ordering and then not eating sooooo...

  2. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    There is a post below about it also. They are testing it for a couple of weeks, so far it is not perminent. I hope it will not become perminent. The post says.....did you hear?

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  3. gkrebs

    gkrebs Guest

    Its 3.95 per person, not per burger
  4. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

  5. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    FYI - We are going on NOS next month and called Royal Caribbean and they assured us Johnny Rockets will not be charging on our sailing.
  6. I paid to use the toliets at Burger King in London!!!
  7. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Julie :lol Now that's funny! I know in the fast food chains around here there are signs that say "Restrooms for patrons only."
  8. synlgar

    synlgar Guest

    I normally enjoy all inclusive vacations. They include everything from my airfare to continuous food and drinks. We are treated like Royality and have enjoyed every trip. Never, never are we Nickel and Dimed to death.

    This summer I have booked our first cruise on the Navigator and I am very, very close to canceling my trip and booking at another resort. The idea behind a cruise was "all inclusive". This is NOT the case when you are charged for a lot of extras. I don't even like the idea of paying for drinks. That however, I will find a way around or deal with as I knew it when I booked. These extra fees for Ice cream, hamburgers, etc. Well, its a crock!!!!!!!!!!
  9. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    It's always annoying when you're charged for something that you already thought you'd paid for. While a few dollars here and there on a cruise vacation is trivial, I think the principle of it all drives people a little nuts. It's rather like Social Security, isn't it? Over the last 30 years, we've been paying extra to ensure that there would be funds available when the baby boomers retire. Now, come to find out, the government has been using the money for other things. Now THAT'S something to get upset about.

    But yes, I'd rather not have to pay $4 at Johnny Rockets. Of course, if it will keep tables full of loud kids from ordering a bunch of food they're not going to eat....well, it just might be worth it. ;-)

    safe travels,
  10. tlscant

    tlscant Guest

    Don't cancel your cruise, there may be somethings that are "extras", but you do not have to do any of them! Most of the food is included, you can always order rooms service and there is no charge-24/7. (Most of Carnival's ships have 24 hour pizzarias, burgers& fries.) If this is your 1st cruise you need to go, see if it is for you. There must be something good about cruising......how many cruise ships are there now?

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  11. ROSS

    ROSS Guest


    It will be interesting to see how all of this works out. If I understand this correctly...There is a $3.95 pp cover charge and you still have to pay extra for drinks etc.


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  12. njcruiser

    njcruiser Guest

    If you didn't eat or drink,which is an option ....Then you would not need to use the toilet. Ali,did I get your theory correct?
  13. You should see the picture I took of my daughter at the bathrooms! Seriously- they had these metal gates that looked like a revolving door from ceiling to floor- it looked like something out of a bank vault! She had to pay 50 pence to go through- I took the picture of her and then I paid my dues so I am kinda glad to be back in America!!
  14. islander

    islander Guest

    so wait a minute! If I eat the burger and go to the bathroom it will cost me?!:)

    Oh, well. This to shall pass. We will still have fun in October.


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  15. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    I Have Voiced My Concern And Also Emailed Rccl About This Matter. My Family And I Are Upset Over This Matter,If Evryone That Feels The Same Way About J.R. Would Send Rccl A Email And Call To Voice Their Displeasure,We Could Have This Changed! ALSO I am Glad To Live In The Land Of The Free,Because We Live In Such A Great Country,We Have The Right To Voice Our Concerns! We May Not All Agree On This Matter,But Thats What Makes Our Country So Great,We Can Voice Our Opinion And Listen To Both Sides Of The Story And Decide What Or Whom Is Right Or Wrong!
  16. Jackson14V

    Jackson14V Guest

    I just had a burger 2 days ago (Friday 3/12/04) on the EOS and there is NO CHARGE for anything but Milk Shakes ($3.50)
  17. jdmoon1

    jdmoon1 Guest

    Hi Just came back on Sat 3-13 and ate there and did not have to pay for anything but soda and milkshakes.
    We all ate there 2x and at least 2 of us had burgers at those times-never charged.
    I think someone is mistaken.
    My daughter ordered a second samdwich and while not a burger there was no charge for any of the food.
  18. ScottB

    ScottB Guest

    Just got back from Mariner and can confirm that they are charging $3.95/guest for each visit (thank goodness for the 'One Free Meal at Johnnie Rockets' coupon in our Crown and Anchor coupon booklet)
  19. Dolores

    Dolores Guest

    It is being "tested" on the Mariner right now, and will be "tested" also on another ship ( I can't remember which one the article I read said) -- that is why it was not charged on the Explorer. They say it is to be able to provide better service to customers! I too, chose a cruise as my form of vacation due to the "inclusiveness" of everything! I am a single parent on a limited budget with kids that I know will want to eat at Johnny Rockets! In answer to those that would state, "What's the big deal? Is $4 going to break you?" ---well, not totally, but with 2 teens & myself --that is $12 which could pay for 1/2 a tank of gas, or a pair of shorts at Wal-mart for my daughter, or 3 rolls of film, or numerous other things I would rather spend it on that are not included in my cruise cost!
    However, we have a Johnny Rockets close by and have eaten there before. Other than the dance performances, there really isn't much else unique about them (or extremely special) that should qualify them as an extra surcharge restaurant. I can understand charging a surcharge for the exclusive, reservations only, steak restaurants (which I would not pay to go to anyway), but for a hamburger/fries???? It's bad enough that kids have to pay for the games in the arcade. I guess what I am trying to say is that there are some services that not everyone likes to have (exclusive dining, internet services, spas, etc) that are nice to have available at a small fee for those that want them. BUT, hamburgers/hotdogs, fries and onion rings? Everyone likes to have those, don't they?
  20. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    wow, 3.95 per person, plus 3.50 for a shake=7.45 x family of 4=29.80. I do think that is a bit much. We ate there on EOS and while we enjoyed it, it was not terrific. If they charge 3.95 per person, we just won't eat there. I am sure that the money for the food there does add up and is a great moneymaker for RCI. The best way to voice displeasure te is not go there, or to send letters to RCI.

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